Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Macron seeks to salvage power after France vote upset

The result of the parliamentary elections was a stunning blow for the president and his reform agenda, leaving his camp facing the prospect of a political deadlock.

Police teargas Paris protestors after Macron re-elected

Macron defeated far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a runoff vote by winning a second five-year term and preventing what would otherwise have been a major political upset.

Macron, Le Pen battle out on cost of living in heated runoff campaign

Macron, a pro-European centrist who became president in 2017 after easily beating Le Pen when voters rallied behind him to keep the far-right out of power, is facing a much tougher challenge this time.

French parliament approves Macron’s vaccine pass

Macron's coarse language barely three months before a presidential election was widely seen as politically calculated, tapping into an intensifying public frustration against the unvaccinated.

French president says he wants to ‘piss off’ the non-vaccinated

Macron has been criticised in the past for off-the-cuff remarks which many French people said came across as arrogant, cutting or scornful.

Pakistan cuts mobile phone service in bid to stymie protest organisers

Hardline groups are still violently protesting Macron's 'Islamophobic' defence of French secular and free speech values.

European leaders call for end to unchecked movement across borders after deadly attacks

German Chancellor Merkel has now changed her tune from 2015 and is calling for strict monitoring of Schengen Zone external borders.

Muslim countries boycotting French goods, condemning Macron

The murder of a French teacher is highlighting cultural rifts between many Muslim countries and the West.

Turkey, Egypt condemn proposed French ‘Islamophobic’ laws

The French public want to boost secularism and public security in the face of what President Macron calls 'Islamist separatism'.

France will pay parents to stay home if infections close schools

More schools are being closed in infection clusters.

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