Thursday, January 20, 2022


Africa CDC says severe lockdowns no longer the tool to contain Covid

Experts believe Covid-19 cannot be eliminated and will likely become endemic, meaning it will always be present in the population to some degree, such as the flu or chickenpox.

Asian and European countries, alarmed by new Covid variant, tighten curbs

The variant has a spike protein that is dramatically different to the one in the original coronavirus that Covid-19 vaccines are based on, the UK Health Security Agency says.

New Zealand to scrap lockdowns early next month

From Dec 2 onwards, New Zealand will adopt a new Covid-19 response that aims to contain the highly contagious Delta variant, rather than attempting to eliminate it completely.

Public support for prioritising Covid fight on the decline, survey shows

A survey of 6,000 people living in the US, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and Japan shows the tide turning against Covid-related restrictions.

Not just for fun: Behind the tourist surge to Langkawi

Psychologists say many have been under pressure since the start of the pandemic and need a way to release their stress.

Pandemic measures indirectly killed over a quarter million South Asian children, says UN report

The full effect of the pandemic lockdowns is just starting to become clear as countries take stock of their public health programmes.

Unemployed but working 24 hours a day, the new norm for mums

Parental stress and maternal burnout lurk around the corner as mothers struggle to balance family, work and chores with little or no time at all for personal activities.

Devoid of kids, toy stores find new lease of life online

Online platforms help them overcome the problem of reluctant customers and the complexities that accompany adherence to health SOPs.

France, Britain ease lockdowns as second wave subsides

French President Emmanuel Macron says travel without authorisation will be allowed, and people will be able to spend Christmas with their families.

Beaten, and then saved by the pandemic

Mohd Saddam Irrban lives the best and worst of Covid-19's impact on businesses.

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