Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Britons’ boozing skyrockets during lockdown, study shows

The problem drinking is now affecting around a quarter of adult men and 10% of women.

The state of pandemic education, two years on

While gaps remain in learning despite the return to the physical classroom, cooperation from all quarters could be enough to bridge the gulfs and help students make up for the time lost to Covid-19.

Two hospitals in China’s Xi’an closed over lockdown failures

One had refused to treat an eight-month pregnant woman who later miscarried outside the hospital.

Londoners call on UK’s Johnson to quit over lockdown ‘party’

Johnson 'broke the rules' while 'the rest of the us had to obey those rules at some personal cost', they say.

Millions more locked down as China battles Omicron spread

Authorities in Anyang announced the lockdown late Monday, issuing a notice ordering residents not to leave their homes or drive cars on the roads.

Malaysia tidak mampu laksana ‘lockdown’, kata Khairy

Menurut Khairy, strategi kerajaan untuk menyekat penularan wabak Covid ketika ini adalah dengan melaksanakan strategi mitigasi.

Malaysia can’t afford more lockdowns, says Khairy

He says this is from the economic aspect as well as that of public welfare.

Hong Kong ramps up virus controls, bans flights from eight countries

The restrictions are the latest economic blow to an international business hub pursuing a zero-Covid strategy that has kept cases low but left residents cut off from the rest of the world.

Amid Omicron surge, UK PM Johnson resists another lockdown

Johnson has resisted imposing stringent lockdown measures in England, betting that a vaccine booster drive and caution among the population would be enough to constrain the latest wave.

China locks down city of 1.2 million after three virus cases

People in the central area 'must not go out', while all communities will set up 'sentinels and gates to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures' according to an announcement.

South Africa lifts curfew as it says Covid-19 fourth wave peaks

South Africa, with close to 3.5 million infections and 91,000 deaths, has been the worst-hit country in Africa during the pandemic on both counts.

China’s Xi’an marks first week of lockdown as Covid cases persist

Since Monday, the Xi'an government has stopped granting permission to people seeking to leave their homes to buy essentials, as epidemic containment measures rose a notch.

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