Sunday, April 11, 2021


Theatre houses glad to turn on the spotlights again after a year with no audience

But some say the digital hybrid is here to stay, although how well this will resonate with fans remains to be seen.

Mumbai in lockdown as Indian vaccines run short

Having let its guard down with mass religious festivals, political rallies and spectators at cricket matches, India is experiencing a ferocious new wave with around a million new cases in the past week.

Hotels, malls brace for weekend crowds ahead of another pandemic-era Ramadan

Health experts warn of a possible fourth wave if SOPs are ignored.

No cash, no crops: Sarawak farmers struggle with lockdown woes

For many, the question has become whether to risk infection or die of starvation.

Philippine police probe death of curfew violator forced to do squats

Police spokesman says the city's police chief and two officers have been removed from their posts pending the results of the investigation.

India imposes new curbs as Covid-19 cases hit record

Experts blame the country's fresh wave on people ignoring guidelines and attending huge religious and political events, as well as weddings and cricket matches.

Filipino Covid curfew breaker ‘dies after cops make him do 300 squats’

The local mayor condemned the alleged punishment as 'torture'.

Inquiry in France over ‘clandestine’ Covid-defying dinners

Guests had reportedly included ministers, in violation of pandemic restrictions.

Sarawak Christians flock online for Good Friday, Easter

Health SOPs keep physical congregations skeletal but not everyone has the internet access needed to follow church services online.

Schools close as France locks down for third time

France’s new lockdown underlines the cost of the European Union’s slow rollout of anti-Covid vaccines.

Who suffers most when MCO robs autistic children of critical therapy time?

It’s not just the kids who find it tough going without professional help.

Global jabs pass 500 million as Europe vaccine feuds deepen

The pandemic is still surging in Europe and Latin America where Brazil has now passed 300,000 deaths and Mexico 200,000.

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