Monday, June 21, 2021

Lawyers for Liberty

Govt must take immediate action on custodial deaths

The time for an independent oversight body to monitor the police is long overdue.

‘Akin to police state’: lawyers slam need for travel permit to attend court

Lawyers for Liberty says access to justice should not rely on the permission of enforcement bodies.

Rights group slams Singapore over S$5,000 fine on lawyer

LFL says M Ravi's work has resulted in regular harassment and intimidation by the Singapore government, police, AG's office and judiciary.

Rights group warns cops against ‘Sosma crackdown’

Lawyers for Liberty says using Sosma for this purpose will only see the police embroiled in an 'unending cycle of abuse of power'.

Guidelines won’t stop abuse of SOP law, say rights lawyers

Lawyers for Liberty says criminal penalties should also be proportionate to the gravity of the offence.

Rights group warns of ‘climate of fear’ over fake news ordinance

Lawyers for Liberty says a state of emergency 'is not a licence to arbitrarily legislate laws'.

Rights group warns against targeting LGBT after spectre of heavier punishments

Lawyers for Liberty urges the government to follow the example of other Muslim-majority countries that have recognised the rights of the transgender community.

Jangan guna tentera tangkap orang awam, kata kumpulan hak asasi

Wujud kebimbangan kerana anggota tentera tidak terlatih dalam prosedur menangkap orang awam, kata Lawyers for Liberty.

Group warns against using armed forces to arrest MCO offenders during emergency

Concerns abound that this could lead to excessive use of force, Lawyers for Liberty says.

Anak kepada lelaki warganegara Malaysia juga berisiko dwi kerakyatan, kata LFL

Lawyers for Liberty menggesa pindaan perlembagaan untuk menggantikan perkataan 'bapa' kepada 'ibu bapa'.

‘Risk’ of dual citizenship for children of Malaysian men, too, rights group says

Lawyers for Liberty urges the government to amend the constitution to substitute the word 'father' for 'parent' in order to resolve the issue.

Rights group urges criminal action on army personnel found guilty of assault

Lawyers for Liberty says migrant workers are victims who should not be vilified.

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