Sunday, November 28, 2021


20 tahun berlalu, adakah Malaysia sedia berdepan serangan ala 11/9?

Pakar tidak menolak wujud percubaan untuk meniru serangan terhadap bangunan berkembar New York pada 2001, namun percaya Malaysia lebih bersedia ketika ini.

Menteri pengangkutan nafi sembunyikan maklumat berhubung nahas tren LRT

Kementerian pengangkutan tiada apa yang hendak disembunyikan berhubung siasatan insiden berkenaan seperti yang didakwa sesetengah pihak.

No cover-up in LRT collision probe, says transport minister

He says the committee assigned to look into the issue was meant to investigate, not adjudicate.

Technical problems, communication failure behind LRT collision, says transport minister

Wee Ka Siong says the objective of the investigation was to determine the cause of the collision to improve public transport services, not to prove the guilt of any party.

Beware of the more refined Tajuddins in our midst

It is our duty as voters to stay vigilant against sweet promises and pleasing rhetoric and match them against politicians' track records, regardless of which side of the divide they are from.

Govt to ensure zero repeat of incidents like LRT crash, says PM

Muhyiddin Yassin says he has directed Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong to restore LRT services and to ride on the train himself to ensure its safety.

Trains in LRT collision removed from crash site

Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong says this is three days ahead of schedule, thanks to staff who worked non-stop for three shifts.

Prasarana officer gives up personal phone number to hear out LRT victims

Rafizah Amran also urges a stop to fake news on the recent LRT collision.

Tajuddin sacked after outrage over LRT collision gaffe

Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz says the sacking will take place with immediate effect.

Human error just one of the aspects under probe, Wee says on LRT collision

The transport minister says the investigation will also take into consideration a range of technical and operational components in connection with the collision.

Time to sack Tajuddin from Prasarana

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman is a liability, not only to Prasarana but also to the government which appointed him to the chairman's post.

Siasatan dapati pemandu cuai punca tren LRT bertembung

Gerabak kosong (TR40) yang sepatutnya bergerak ke arah selatan menuju ke stesen Dang Wang didapati bergerak ke arah utara mengakibatkan pelanggaran dengan TR81 yang membawa 213 penumpang.

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