Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Kim Yo Jong

North Korea lashes out as South and US begin exercises

This year, Seoul is believed to have urged the US to scale down the size of the drills, to avoid ruffling feathers in Pyongyang.

North Korean leader’s green spot added to list of health mysteries

The 37-year-old leader’s health is one of the mostly closely guarded secrets in North Korea, and an obsession of foreign spy agencies.

North Korean leader’s sister warns Seoul against military drill with US

Washington and Seoul are due to hold a joint military drill later this month.

See-sawing fortunes of North Korean leader’s sister appear down again

Last year, South Korea’s spy agency said she was virtually the North’s No. 2 official but recently her rise to power has slipped.

North Korea’s economic plan failed, Kim Jong Un tells rare party congress

There are rumours of leadership changes coming, which may involve his sister.

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