Friday, July 1, 2022


Mayor of Ukraine city abducted by Russian troops

Ukraine's parliament says the mayor was seized when he was at the city's crisis centre dealing with supply issues.

Nigeria gunmen kidnap 73 students from high school in northwest

Police rescue teams are working with the military to try to release the students.

Nigerian bandits demand ransom to release 80 more kidnapped schoolchildren

The children are part of a larger group snatched at gunpoint last month.

Kidnapped women and children freed in Nigeria

Kidnapping for ransom is increasingly common in the region but authorities say no ransom was paid in this case.

Gunmen kill cop, kidnap female students and teachers from Nigerian school

Kidnapping school students for ransom has turned into something of a growth business in Nigeria.

France arrests conspiracy theorist after Malaysia stay

He may now appear before a judge in Paris to be remanded in custody or could also be transferred to the city of Nancy with a view to being interrogated and charged by an investigating magistrate.

Gunmen kidnap Islamic schoolchildren in Nigeria

Abductions of students carried out for ransom are increasingly common in the region.

Trio arrested for kidnapping turkey to vodka party

One of the suspects was celebrating a birthday and the other two decided to celebrate it this way, police chief says.

Sabah boosts security ahead of Saturday polls

Sabah police commissioner says there have been attempts by criminals in the Philippines to enter the state and create trouble.

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