Monday, August 2, 2021

Kamala Harris

After taking flak, ‘Border Tsar’ Kamala Harris finally to visit border

The visit was quickly announced a week after former president Donald Trump announced he would visit the border on June 30.

US veep tells would-be migrants, ‘Do not come, do not come’

Even as Harris made the case for reforms, those very migrants she hoped to help were still streaming north for America.

Governor slams Kamala Harris as ‘worst possible choice’ to solve migrant border crisis

President Biden has put Harris in charge of talks with Mexico and Central American countries about slowing the tide of illegal immigrants crossing the US border.

US Vice-President Kamala Harris makes history with first UN speech

She spoke about the fall in women's rights and the rise in violence against women during the pandemic, stressing their impact on the overall health of any nation's political system.

Vice-president Kamala Harris to make UN debut at women’s rights conference

The US has often pushed against the promotion of women’s sexual and reproductive rights because it sees that as code for abortion rights, an inflammatory subject in America.

Kamala Harris terima dos pertama vaksin Covid-19

Beliau disuntik vaksin keluaran syarikat Moderna di United Medical Center di Washington.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris named Time’s ‘Person of the Year’

The duo are featured on the magazine cover with the subtitle 'Changing America's story'.

Biden mulakan peralihan ketika Trump enggan mengalah

Trump dilihat masih bermain golf di kawasan berhampiran Washington, di tempat yang sama ketika rangkaian televisyen AS pada Sabtu menyampaikan berita Biden memperoleh cukup undi kolej elektoral.

Joe Biden kalahkan Donald Trump

Kemenangan Biden menafikan hasrat Trump yang sepanjang pentadbirannya penuh kontroversi untuk menjadi presiden bagi penggal kedua.

Prayers and support for Kamala and Trump in India

Many people in India will also be anxiously following the results of the presidential election as they come in.

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