Sunday, July 3, 2022


Three members of K-pop sensation BTS test positive for Covid-19

Rapper RM and vocalist Jin tested positive for the virus Saturday evening, according to Big Hit Music.

Unpacking the allure of South Korean pop culture

For reasons ranging from shared values to unconventional concepts, K-dramas such as 'Squid Game' have taken the world by storm.

Membongkar daya tarikan budaya pop Korea Selatan

Daripada nilai yang dikongsi bersama hingga konsep luar biasa, drama televisyen Korea seperti 'Squid Game' menggemparkan dunia.

Demand from Indonesian K-Pop fans forces McDonald’s branches to shut

South Korean boyband fans overwhelmed the fast food eateries with delivery drivers fighting to collect their orders.

North Korea shuns ‘capitalistic lifestyle’ with more fashion bans

Among the latest things banned are 'non-socialist' haircuts – which include mullets, spiked styles and dyed hair.

Boyband BTS angers Chinese fans over Korean War

The band leader omitted to mention Chinese casualties in the war nearly 70 years ago.

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