Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Saifuddin calls for rethink of Asean’s non-interference policy amid Myanmar crisis

He says the principle of non-interference cannot be used as a shield to avoid issues being addressed.

Myanmar to free over 5,000 protesters after Asean snub

More than 7,300 are currently behind bars, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.

Asean excludes Myanmar junta leader from summit in rare move

A non-political figure from Myanmar will be invited to the Oct 26-28 summit, after no consensus was reached for a political representative to attend.

Lawyer for Myanmar’s Suu Kyi says issued gag order

He says he has been barred from speaking to media, diplomats, international organisations and foreign governments.

Govt says no compromise on demands for Myanmar progress

The foreign minister says his counterpart from the Myanmar junta will attend an Asean meeting today, where the issue of possibly excluding the military chief will be discussed.

Asean to discuss excluding Myanmar army leader from summit, say sources

Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia have indicated that they are in favour of excluding Min Aung Hlaing from the Oct 26-28 virtual summit, but are pushing for a consensus among nine Asean states.

Ex-Myanmar president says army tried to force him to cede power hours before coup

This challenges the military's insistence that no coup took place, and that power had been lawfully transferred to the generals by an acting president.

Myanmar currency drops 60% in 4 weeks as economy tanks

The increasing economic pressures come amid signs of an upsurge in bloodshed, as armed militias have become bolder in clashes with the army after months of protests and strikes by opponents of the junta.

Myanmar junta blames internet blackouts on anti-coup fighters

The stepped-up attacks from anti-coup fighters came after the self-proclaimed 'National Unity Government', made up mostly of lawmakers from Suu Kyi's ousted party, urged citizens to target military assets in their areas.

Thousands flee Myanmar town after clashes with junta troops

Myanmar has been in turmoil since Aung San Suu Kyi's government was ousted by the military in February, sparking a nationwide uprising that the junta has tried to crush.

Myanmar town near India border sees exodus as thousands flee fighting

During fighting between militia forces and the army last weekend, about 20 homes were set ablaze, with photographs on social media showing buildings engulfed in flames.

Myanmar shadow govt calls for revolt against military rule

Some opponents of military rule have formed armed groups, under the banner of the People's Defence Forces, and have forged alliances with some ethnic militias that have long seen Myanmar's army as their enemy.

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