Thursday, June 24, 2021


Ex-CJ reminds Agong he is bound by AG’s advice even if it’s ‘not popular’ among politicians, NGOs

Abdul Hamid Mohamad says in a joint statement that any failure by the Agong to heed advice in his official duties would open up a legal challenge in which the AG could not defend him.

Foreign judges to stay in Hong Kong’s judicial system

Hong Kong’s foreign judges started at its 1997 handover to help maintain its credibility as an international financial hub.

Reaction to Malaysiakini verdict shows politics rule, not law

Blind loyalty to certain leaders, by ignoring their moral lapses, is not uncommon in non-Malay politics today.

Court will decide whether Parliament can or cannot stand suspended

The court adjudicates solely on constitutional provisions and not on why schools can re-open but Parliament cannot convene.

Apex court finds Malaysiakini guilty of contempt but spares editor

A seven-member bench says the news portal is fully responsible for its website, including whatever is published.

Salleh’s death a timely reminder of real dictatorship

Salleh's death is a reminder of Mahathir's chequered past in issues relating to human rights, specifically judiciary independence.

The best jihad of Salleh Abas

While reference to the government usually points to the prime minister, it actually refers to all three branches – the executive, the judiciary and the legislative – which are independent but whose interaction results in a healthy check and balance for the good of the nation.

A tribute to the incorruptible Salleh Abas

Lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah recalls the late Salleh Abas as the solicitor-general and lord president.

Salleh Abas, man at the centre of 1988 tussle between judiciary and executive, dies at 91

Salleh was dismissed as lord president after criticising what he said was then-prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's meddling in the judiciary.

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