Friday, September 17, 2021

Johnson & Johnson

J&J says second dose of Covid vaccine boosts protection

In two clinical studies that have not yet been peer-reviewed, the additional shot evoked a nine-fold increase in antibodies to the coronavirus.

‘Increased risk’ of rare nerve disorder after J&J jab, says US

The new warning label for caregivers and recipients says in most people, symptoms began within 42 days of receiving the vaccine, and 'the chance of having this occur is very low'.

J&J says its Covid-19 jab effective against Delta variant

It says the immune response lasts at least eight months.

Use all vaccine options to beat Covid, EMA tells EU

This comes as several countries limit the use of jabs like AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson and opt instead for vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna.

Single-dose vaccines for Kelantan Orang Asli, says Khairy

He says this will eliminate the need to make a second trip in the rural areas.

Govt okays 2 more vaccines for emergency use, Pfizer for kids

The CanSino and Johnson & Johnson jabs have been given conditional registration approval while the Pfizer vaccine has been given the green light for use on children 12 and above.

South Africa pulls millions of J&J jabs after contamination concerns

Lagging behind many other countries, South Africa has only vaccinated just over 1% of its population.

US tells J&J millions of vaccine doses from troubled plant can’t be used

US media reports quoting people familiar with the matter put the number at 60 million.

Norway offers Johnson & Johnson jab to volunteers

Only certain categories of people will qualify, including those who need to travel to countries where the pandemic is raging and those who for various reasons cannot wait their turn to receive the other available vaccines.

First case of AstraZeneca jab blood clotting recorded in South Korea

A group of German scientists claim to have found the cause of the rare blood clots.

UK approves single-shot Johnson & Johnson Covid jab

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the single-dose vaccine will play an important role in helping people protect themselves from the virus.

Scientists may have discovered why certain Covid jabs can cause blood clots

Scientists and drug regulators have been searching for an explanation for what is causing the rare but potentially deadly side effect.

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