Sunday, April 11, 2021

Joe Biden

Biden says gun violence epidemic ‘has to stop’ as Texas shooting hits headlines

Biden calls shootings in the US an 'international embarrassment'.

Biden suggests plan to rival China’s trillion-dollar ‘Belt and Road’ project

China's multi-nation infrastructure plan involves linking over 100 countries that account for nearly half of the world's GDP.

Polish writer facing prison for calling president ‘a moron’ over US election result

The case comes amid what many see as an erosion of democratic standards in Poland since a right-wing populist party won power in 2015.

US to meet Biden’s promise of 100 million vaccinations in first 100 days, ahead of schedule

The president says this is a time for optimism but warns Americans not to let their guard down.

‘Takes one to know one’: Putin mocks Biden over ‘killer’ comment

However the Russian leader rules out severing ties with the US altogether.

Russia recalls envoy after Biden says ‘killer’ Putin will ‘pay the price’

However, the US says its ambassador to Russia will remain in Moscow.

‘Cheap trick’, says North Korea of US attempts to make contact

A foreign ministry spokesman says no dialogue will be possible until the US rolls back its hostile policy toward North Korea.

Biden tells migrants ‘don’t come’ as criticism grows

In February, the US Customs and Border Protection agency arrested about 100,000 people at the southern border, a 28% jump over January.

North Korea ignoring US contact efforts after Biden called leader a thug

President Biden has stressed the need for North Korean nuclear disarmament before heavy US and UN economic sanctions can be eased.

New ‘group of friends’ including China, North Korea, aim to ‘defend UN Charter’

The group wants a joint effort to push back against the use or threat of force and unilateral sanctions.

Biden reportedly called off Syrian bomb strike after woman, children seen near target

In February, the US destroyed a facility in Syria which marked Biden’s first known use of military force in his presidency.

Tiga pekerja media Afghanistan ditembak mati

Ketiga-tiga wanita itu sedang pulang dari pejabat ketika kejadian.

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