Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Joe Biden

‘Real possibility’ Democrats might change Senate rules for debt hike, says Biden

Many Democrats have argued that the Senate should dump the filibuster entirely, saying it prevents progress on climate change, voting rights and other priorities.

US govt shutdown averted hours before deadline

US Congress approved a stopgap funding bill in a rare show of cross-party unity.

Selepas 20 tahun peristiwa 11 September

Kalau ekstremis itu tidak memperjuangkan perubahan mendadak, dia bukan radikal.

Biden calls for unity ahead of 9/11 anniversary

He and the first lady will go to the three locations of the Sept 11, 2001 attacks: New York, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

Biden orders release of secret 9/11 documents

Declassification must take place over the next six months.

Uproar in Washington: Did US share evacuee names with Taliban?

Pressed by journalists, President Joe Biden did not rule out the possibility.

Israeli PM seeks US ‘reset’ in first White House visit

In his first state visit since taking office in June, Naftali Bennett will meet Joe Biden on Thursday and attempt to mend ties.

Biden sees ‘chaos’ as US presses Taliban to let Afghans leave

Biden is standing by his decision to end the 20-year US war in Afghanistan.

Biden says ‘squarely behind’ US pullout from Afghanistan

He says the mission in Afghanistan was 'never supposed to be nation-building'.

Biden keeping Trump’s rule turning away migrants ‘for US safety’ during pandemic

The Biden administration has used the rule to expel roughly 100,000 migrants every month and leave thousands more in limbo.

Biden says US ‘in all probability’ to see new Covid restrictions

However he did not specify what steps could be taken.

Biden gets tough with unvaccinated federal workers

The president also urged states and cities to offer US$100 gifts for new vaccine-takers.

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