Tuesday, October 26, 2021


US, Germany confront Holocaust denial, worldwide rising anti-Semitism

The newly launched Holocaust Dialogue is intended to serve as a lesson and a warning to young people everywhere.

The last known Jew in Afghanistan is shutting the synagogue and leaving

After centuries, Afghanistan will lose its last member of another minority this year.

Auschwitz child victims honoured 76 years on

More than 200,000 children were killed by Nazi Germany at Auschwitz, among the six million of pre-war Europe's estimated 10-11 million Jews who died.

How Shanghai saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust

Six million Jews perished during the worst genocide in human history but some were able to escape Europe for Shanghai because it was one of the very few destinations that did not require an entry visa.

Germany moves to eradicate lingering Nazi laws

29 German legal or regulatory texts still use wording introduced when Hitler was in power.

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