Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Italian police red-faced over pink Covid masks

In future, masks should only be black, white or blue, the police say.

Italy imposes new Covid rules on unvaccinated

New measures are being enforced on public transport, with a so-called Green Pass showing proof of vaccination, recent recovery or a negative Covid-19 test now required even on local services.

Italian tries to dodge Covid jab using fake arm

Despite the realistic skin colour, nobody was fooled by the silicone limb, and the man was reported to local police following the incident on Thursday night in Biella, northwest Italy.

Rome airport readies for flying taxis by 2024

The initial cost of a ride will be around €150, a price likely to drop as the service goes mainstream.

Man asks Italian police to jail him to escape wife at home

The man had been under house arrest for drug crimes for several months and had a few years left to serve.

Only the very old and sick die of Covid if vaccinated, Italian study shows

The average age of people who died despite being vaccinated was 85, and on average they had five underlying illnesses.

Italy says Taliban govt cannot be recognised, but Afghans must be helped

Italy holds the annual, rotating presidency of the G20 and is looking to host a special summit on Afghanistan.

Protests across Italy against Covid certificates

The Green Pass will be required from Aug 6 to enter cinemas, museums, indoor swimming pools or sports stadiums, or eat indoors at restaurants.

Sputnik vaccine may never be approved in EU, says Italy PM

Both the Sputnik V and Sinovac vaccines are under a 'rolling review' process by the EMA, which is a step prior to seeking formal authorisation.

Italian PM scolds Vatican for opposing anti-homophobia bill, says Italy is ‘a secular state’

Vatican authorities had said that the proposed bill would undermine traditional church freedoms.

Italy mountain cable car plunge: 3 company staff arrested, blamed for deaths

Prosecutors say the emergency brake was deliberately disabled to avoid having to take the car out of service for repair.

Italy mountain cable car plunge kills 14

Local reports suggest the cable may have failed about 300m from the top of the mountain.

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