Saturday, April 10, 2021


Israel refuses to work with ICC on war crimes probe

Israel says The Hague tribunal has no authority to open an investigation against it.

AS perbaharui agenda ‘penyelesaian dua negara’, sambung bantu rakyat Palestin

Amerika Syarikat mahu mempertaut semula hubungan dengan Palestin selepas pentadbiran Trump diboikot pemimpin negara itu.

US restores millions in Palestinian aid cut by Trump

Biden’s aides have also signalled that they want to re-establish the goal of a negotiated two-state solution as a priority in US policy.

Pfizer halts jab deliveries to ‘banana republic’ Israel

The bill was left unpaid because of political infighting within the uneasy coalition running the country, say local media sources.

Netanyahu mahu gabung dengan pesaing bentuk kerajaan Israel

Pakatan itu dapat menggabungkan 65 anggota sekali gus memperoleh majoriti kukuh daripada 120 kerusi parlimen.

Israel serang kedudukan Hamas di Gaza

IDF menyerang balas selepas sebuah roket diserang dari Gaza.

Israel’s Netanyahu claims ‘huge win’ for right-wing parties in election

His opponents say that he should not remain in office while standing trial on corruption charges.

Israel holds fourth election in under 2 years

This latest election was forced after Benjamin Netanyahu triggered the collapse of a unity government he had formed with his rival Benny Gantz following the three previous inconclusive elections.

The paradox of Israel’s moral legitimacy

The two-state solution which remains elusive under the watch of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shows that the triumphalism from the normalisation deals is illusory.

Israel re-opens restaurants, bars with 40% of country fully vaccinated

Israel launched its green pass programme last month, allowing controlled numbers of people with proof of full vaccination or who have recovered from Covid-19 to enter gyms, pools and other facilities.

ICC opens Israeli-Palestinians war crimes probe

The probe will focus on a military operation launched by Israel 2014 with the stated aim of stopping rocket fire into the country by militants of Islamist movement Hamas, which saw about 2,250 Palestinians killed.

Netanyahu blames Iran for boat attack, says ‘striking’ back

The Israeli army has refused to confirm its involvement in the attack, which came days after the explosion that hit the Israeli-owned MV Helios Ray, a vehicle carrier travelling from the Saudi port of Dammam to Singapore.

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