Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Biden aides to tell Israelis US will pursue ‘other avenues’ if Iran diplomacy fails

A visit to Washington by Israel's national security adviser will allow the two allies to share intelligence and develop a 'baseline assessment' of how far Tehran's nuclear programme has advanced, an official says.

Saudi Arabia confirms recent talks with Iran

US ally Saudi Arabia and Washington's arch-foe Iran are at odds over several regional issues, including the wars in Yemen and Syria.

Iran kecam lawatan diplomat Israel ke Bahrain

Iran menyifatkan kedatangan diplomat Israel ke Bahrain memberikan kesan buruk kepada pemimpin negara itu.

Iran says top Israeli diplomat’s trip to Bahrain ‘stains’ its rulers

Iran's foreign ministry accuses Bahrain of ignoring Israel's 'daily crimes' against Palestine.

Lebih 60 terkorban dalam pertempuran ketika pemberontak Huthi hampiri bandar Marib

Pertempuran itu berlaku ketika pemberontak semakin menghampiri pertahanan terakhir kerajaan di bahagian utara Yaman.

Iran’s nuclear programme has crossed ‘all red lines’, says Israel PM

He says Iran's nuclear weapon programme is at a critical point.

Saudi king assures UN of support for efforts to prevent nuclear Iran

He says his kingdom insists on the importance of keeping the Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction.

Iran rancang rundingan baru bersama Arab Saudi

Kedua-dua negara yang bermusuhan itu memutuskan hubungan diplomatik pada 2016.

Iran planning new round of talks with Saudi Arabia, says envoy

The announcement of plans for new talks, carried by the semi-official Iranian news agency Isna, came days after a regional summit held in Baghdad to help ease tensions among Iraq's neighbours.

Iran Covid deaths hit yet another high

The pandemic has claimed 103,357 lives out of 4,756,394 cases of infection, according to the health ministry, whose figures officials have acknowledged understate the real toll.

Taliban sang Frankestein

Atau, soalan lebih tepat; mengapakah dunia tiba-tiba berubah, dan membiarkan Afghanistan sendirian?

Iran tightens Covid curbs as cases, deaths surge

The new measures coincide with two Shiite religious commemorations set for next week, though authorities say the restrictions will not impact ceremonies held in the open air.

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