Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Attack on another Israeli-owned ship reported near Iran

Iran blames Israel for a recent attack on its Natanz nuclear facility, and Israel is reportedly bracing for revenge attacks.

Iran says nuclear facility hit by ‘terrorism’ a day after debuting new equipment

Israel public radio cites intelligence sources as saying that Israel’s Mossad spy agency had carried out a cyber attack at the site.

World powers hold ‘constructive’ talks with Iran on reviving nuclear deal Trump dumped

A resolution of the nuclear issue could help ease tensions in the wider Middle East, notably with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

China builds inroads in Middle East with 25-year Iran deal

The US has tried to pivot away from the troubled Middle East to the lucrative and strategically important Asia-Pacific region without much success so far.

Woman jailed in Iran says solitary confinement pushed her to brink of suicide

She made one attempt to go over the prison wall and nearly made it.

Netanyahu blames Iran for boat attack, says ‘striking’ back

The Israeli army has refused to confirm its involvement in the attack, which came days after the explosion that hit the Israeli-owned MV Helios Ray, a vehicle carrier travelling from the Saudi port of Dammam to Singapore.

Anak-anak matahari Majid Majidi

Sun Children, sudah meraih perhatian di Barat, dan mungkin tercalon untuk Oscar tahun ini.

Iran producing uranium metal, further violating 2015 deal, says nuclear watchdog

The latest violation of the deal, which is aimed at preventing Tehran from developing nuclear weapons, comes as Iran warns that time is running out for Joe Biden's administration to save the agreement.

Iran, North Korea resumed missile collaboration in 2020, UN report says

This follows Pyongyang's announcement last year of preparation for the testing and production of new ballistic missile warheads and development of tactical nuclear weapons.

‘The wait is over’: Bangladesh and Iran bring out the shots this week

Afghanistan has received its first doses but is still waiting for emergency approval from WHO before it can use them.

Riyadh attacked as US military moots new bases in Saudi Arabia

The Gulf Arab states are already home to US military bases, but the presence of foreign troops near the holy cities would undoubtedly arouse dangerous passions.

Iran says 20% uranium enrichment process started

This is well beyond the threshold set by the 2015 nuclear deal.

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