Sunday, July 25, 2021


Tehran imposes curbs as Iran’s Covid cases hit all-time high

The Islamic republic has been gripped by what authorities warned would be a 'fifth wave' driven by the aggressive Delta variant.

Iran mahu jadi hab pengedaran minyak sawit Malaysia

Dalam tempoh 5 bulan pertama tahun ini, Iran mengimport sejumlah 309,704 tan metrik minyak sawit dari Malaysia.

Iran offers to become Malaysia’s palm oil distribution hub

Iran says it is poised to buy more of the commodity from Malaysia in a bid to address the growing demand over the next few years.

Iran in bizarre plot to kidnap targets in US, Canada, UK, Feds say

The target runs My Stealthy Freedom, which campaigns against mandatory wearing of the veil for Iranian women.

Iran unveils Islamic marriage app to create ‘healthy families’

The head of the group who created the app says, 'Family is the devil’s target, and Iran’s enemies seek to impose their own ideas on it.'

AS, Eropah beri amaran provokasi Iran bakal jejas rundingan nuklear

Usaha Iran memperkaya uranium di negaranya disifatkan sebagai tindakan 'menempah bahaya'.

US launches airstrikes against Iran-backed militants

The strikes were in response to drone attacks against American troops and facilities.

No nuclear negotiations ‘for negotiation’s sake’, says Iran president-elect

Ebrahim Raisi says he will not meet President Joe Biden in the event that talks lead to the US lifting sanctions on Iran.

US cutting forces, missile batteries in Middle East

Pentagon spokesman says some of the Patriot anti-missile batteries are being redeployed to other countries and some are returning to the US for maintenance.

Ejen Israel di Iran

Filem ini membawa kita kepada dunia gelap Tehran di mana golongan T20 mereka berpesta dalam kompleks kediaman tersorok, meminum arak, mencemuh ulama, menari bagai kerasukan; dan apabila keluar ke dunia, berpura-pura Islami.

Collapse of Iran’s clerical regime ‘only a matter of time’, says Shah’s son

Lifting sanctions on Tehran will only embolden the Islamic Republic clerics and create further instability in the region, he says.

Iranian-British Shia businessman kidnapped in Iraq, handed over to Iran

The old friend of Ayatollah Khomeini was in Iraq to spend the final days of Ramadan in the Shia holy cities of Karbala and Najaf.

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