Friday, June 25, 2021


Survey shows many ‘frequently’ or ‘sometimes’ fall for fake news

Responses vary from trusting the media less to cutting down on internet use although fact checking remains lower on the list.

New study shows how Malaysian kids spend time online

YouTube was the most visited website, followed by Zalo, Facebook and TikTok.

‘No longer the era of computer games’: Pandemic adds to disconnect for cyber cafes

Cyber cafes could soon be a thing of the past as pandemic measures see more and more closing down.

Rural B40 families left in the dark as tech-savvy townies shop, pay their bills online and more

Even poor people have to go online in Covid times, experts say, so surely somebody should make computers cheaper and rural internet access more reliable.

Jaringan Prihatin perluas akses internet, manfaatkan 8.5 juta golongan B40

Malaysia komited untuk menambahbaik kesalinghubungan internet dalam negara dengan sasaran minimum 70% di seluruh negara seperti yang disarankan PBB.

Germany smashes 400,000-member online child porn network

The darknet forum allowed users to communicate with others and share graphic image and video content which included 'serious sexual abuse of toddlers'.

Ada buaya, WiFi tiada: Cabaran pelajar pedalaman Sarawak ketika sekolah tutup

Ramai yang tiada akses internet atau peranti untuk pembelajaran di rumah, sementara yang lain terpaksa tempuh perjalanan jauh jika asrama ditutup.

From crocodiles to WiFi: Sarawak’s rural students struggle with school closures

Many have no access to the internet or the gadgets needed for home-based learning, while others must make long trips home when their hostels are shut down.

Closure of Chinese online feminist groups sparks anger

China says it seeks to empower women and protect their rights, but it does not tolerate discourse that it feels could agitate social order.

Facebook plans undersea cables to speed Southeast Asia internet to US

Facebook cancelled projects to connect the US to Hong Kong following government concerns over Chinese spying.

Facebook fails in bid to derail US$15 billion privacy suit

The suit accuses Facebook of wrongly tracking users away from the social network, then making money from the data by selling it to marketers for targeting ads.

Britain launches competition probe into Apple’s App Store

The Competition and Markets Authority says it will examine Apple's position regarding the distribution of apps on its iPhones, iPads and other devices in Britain.

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