Thursday, October 28, 2021

infectivity rate

Malaysia’s Covid-19 infectivity rate rises to 1.16

This is a slight increase from the previous value of 1.14.

Malaysia’s infectivity rate at 1.15

Putrajaya has the highest infectivity rate at 1.31.

Covid-19 situation not encouraging, says health minister

Dr Adham Baba says the country's infectivity rate is currently 1.06, compared to earlier projections of 1.0 which could see daily cases dropping to 500 by May.

Terengganu has highest infectivity rate in the country, says health DG

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah shares an infographic showing that Terengganu's R-naught value as of Jan 25 was 1.36 while the Rt for the entire nation is 1.04.

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