Thursday, January 20, 2022


Komuniti kecil India Sarawak gembira sambut Thaipusam sekali lagi

Komuniti India yang menyumbang 2% daripada populasi negeri itu melahirkan rasa syukur kerana sekali lagi berpeluang menyambut Thaipusam walaupun dalam skala kecil berbanding sebelum ini.

India’s main cities record sharp fall in Covid-19 infections

Experts have attributed the low hospitalisations to high levels of previous infections and vaccination.

Hundreds of thousands of Indians gather for holy dip, defying Covid surge

Doctors had appealed unsuccessfully to the West Bengal state high court to reverse a decision to allow the festival this year, worrying it will become a virus 'super spreader' event.

India’s big cities could see Covid-19 cases peak next week

Federal and state health officials say a majority of the infections in the ongoing third wave have been mild, with fewer hospitalisations and deaths than the previous surge.

India rekod lebih 240,000 kes Covid dalam tempoh 24 jam

380 kematian dicatat semalam menjadikan jumlah korban terkini mencecah 485,035 kes di India.

Over a million in India get Covid boosters as hospitalisation remains low

The health ministry says only 5% to 10% of the infected have sought hospitalisation, compared with 20% to 23% during the Delta-driven last wave that peaked in May.

Mother Teresa charity in India gets back access to foreign funds

Foreign funding had been cut off on Christmas Day, with the Narendra Modi government refusing to renew the charity's licence under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

Indian court allows huge Hindu festival despite Covid concerns

The Calcutta High Court has asked the regional government – which estimates attendance at no more than 500,000 and supports the gathering – to issue advertisements warning people about the risks of attending.

As cases rise, India fears another Covid catastrophe

Case numbers have yet to match the enormous figures seen last spring, when thousands died each day and the Hindu holy city of Varanasi maintained round-the-clock funeral pyres for the mass cremation of virus victims.

Omicron spreads in India’s big cities but hospitalisations still low

Federal health officials have warned even a large number of mild cases could put pressure on the health system.

Three arrested in India over Muslim women ‘auction’ app

Photos of more than 100 women had been featured on the 'Bulli Bai' app alongside derogatory messages.

India confirms first Omicron-related death as Covid cases jump

Government officials privately say daily cases in the country's third wave of infections could surpass the record of more than 414,000 hit last May.

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