Monday, September 20, 2021


India may resume vaccine exports soon with focus on Africa, says source

India, the world's biggest maker of vaccines overall, stopped vaccine exports in April to focus on inoculating its own population as infections exploded.

Indian study finds big drop in Covid antibodies within 4 months of vaccination

Health officials say though they are studying the evolving science on booster doses, the priority is to fully immunise India's 944 million adults.

India worries about complacency over second Covid jab

India has the most partly immunised people in the world, according to Our World in Data.

Dengue suspected of killing dozens as Indian state suffers worst outbreak in years

Authorities have formed teams to check households for water logging, and fumigate areas at risk, and have also released thousands of Gambusia, or mosquitofish, into water bodies to eat the mosquito larvae.

One dead, dozens feared missing after ferries collide in India

Police say there may have been a communication error behind the collision.

India restricts religious festivals over fears of new Covid surge

Festive crowds have still packed markets in Maharashtra and other states in recent days, ignoring the warnings.

Reopen schools or disaster looms, experts tell Indian authorities

They say schools are 'an essential service'.

India ‘prepares for the worst’ ahead of possible Covid third wave

Beds have been added at facilities around the country, and hospitals are working to ensure ample supplies of oxygen.

India posts most Covid cases in 2 months

Densely populated Kerala, on India's southern tip, accounted for nearly 70% of the 47,092 new infections and a third of deaths, a week after it celebrated its biggest festival.

Troops deployed after Indian Kashmir separatist leader dies

His family says Syed Ali Shah Geelani had been ailing for years and had been under house arrest for the last 12 years after leading several anti-India protests.

Pollution likely to cut 9 years of life expectancy for 40% in India

Last year, New Delhi's 20 million residents breathed some of the cleanest air on record in the summer because of coronavirus lockdown curbs, but battled toxic air in winter following a sharp increase in farm residue burning in nearby states.

Floods threaten hundreds of thousands in northeast India

Up to two metres of water has submerged many villages.

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