Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Imran Khan

Pakistan PM’s British ex-wife condemns him blaming skimpy clothes for rape

However, several of Pakistan's female lawmakers have sprung to Khan’s defence.

West must do more to tackle Islamophobia, says Pakistan PM

His comments come after a Canadian Pakistani family was mowed down by a car on the streets of London, Ontario.

West must penalise anti-Muslim hate, Pakistani PM says

He blasts 'extreme right politicians' in the West who spread hatred against Muslims 'under the guise of freedom of speech'.

Backlash after Pakistan PM links rape to how women dress

Oxford-educated Imran Khan had said an increase in rapes indicated the 'consequences in any society where vulgarity is on the rise' and advised women to cover up to prevent temptation.

Pakistan PM Khan desires peace with arch-rival India

He was replying to a letter from his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi which had called for peace.

Pakistan PM Khan tests positive for Covid-19, sparking fears over more vaccine hesitancy

Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy is high in Pakistan, particularly over Chinese vaccines.

Pakistan nafi laporan iktiraf Israel

Kementerian Luar Negeri dalam satu kenyataan berkata Perdana Menteri Imran Khan berulang kali menyatakan pendirian Islamabad dalam isu itu adalah 'jelas'.

Muslim countries boycotting French goods, condemning Macron

The murder of a French teacher is highlighting cultural rifts between many Muslim countries and the West.

Pakistani society or banned TikTok to blame for popular sex videos?

PM Imran Khan wants apps like TikTok which allow 'obscene and vulgar' content to be banned.

Pakistan PM condemns Hebdo blasphemy, calls for UN action on Islamophobia

PM also condemns India's Modi for 'state sponsored' Islamophobia.

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