Thursday, April 22, 2021


Children have stronger antibody response to Covid, study finds

The authors say the finding helps illuminate why children are less susceptible to severe Covid-19 than adults – though this is still an area of very active research and many factors are believed to be at play.

Immune system ‘remembers’ Covid for at least 6 months, study shows

Those who have contracted Covid-19 may be able to fight the virus off for at least six months due to cells that 'remember' the virus for a period of time.

India hails ‘life saving’ Covid-19 vaccine rollout

With only three admitted to the hospital due to side effects from the vaccines, India says its vaccination process is on to a successful start.

After Covid-19 infection health workers 83% protected, study shows

But researchers say early evidence from the next stage of the study suggests that some of these individuals carry high levels of virus and could continue to transmit it to others.

Moderna vaccine gives at least 3 months’ immunity, study shows

Experts say it is very likely that the immune system will remember the virus if re-exposed later on, and then produce new antibodies.

Vitamin D may help fight Covid-19, says new research

British medical journal The Lancet cited studies which suggest that vitamin D may be able to protect against acute respiratory infections such as Covid-19.

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