Thursday, October 21, 2021

Idrus Harun

Ex-CJ says palace acted outside constitution, giving perception of interference in politics

Former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad lists instances in the past year which he says show that the palace went beyond its constitutional powers.

PH accuses AG of ‘derhaka’ again

Top leaders call for the AG's resignation following his statement that a confidence vote in the prime minister is not needed.

Speaker kecualikan diri berhubung usul ahli Parlimen terhadap abang kandung

Azhar Harun berkata sebarang keputusan mengenainya akan diserahkan keada timbalan yang di-pertua Dewan Rakyat.

Speaker says will not interfere in motion against brother

Azhar Harun says any decision on the matter will be made by his deputies.

Taking aim at Umno’s Tajuddin, PH wants ‘insolent’ AG sacked

PH leaders cite the attorney-general's recent statements including one dated June 25 concerning the powers of the king and the advice of the Cabinet.

Sasarkan Tajuddin, PH mahu peguam negara ‘berat sebelah’ dipecat

PH mendakwa peguam negara tidak lagi mampu menasihati Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Rosmah’s lawyer questions validity of AG’s letter on Sri Ram’s appointment as DPP

He says Idrus Harun cannot issue a backdated letter as he was not the attorney-general at the time.

AG’s moral duty as govt’s chief lawyer to clarify constitutional issues, says Sarawak MP

Ali Biju says Idrus Harun should be commended for bringing clarity to the matter.

AG clears the air on power to reconvene Parliament

Current state of emergency does not change the Agong's role as a constitutional monarch who must act based on government's advice, says Idrus Harun.

Peguam negara pertahankan pegawai-pegawainya selepas ‘dihina’ Tommy Thomas

Komen Thomas dalam bukunya jelas 'menghina' institusi perundangan negara.

I have full trust in my officers, says AG Idrus to ‘insults’ from Thomas

He says Thomas' comments in his recent autobiography are a 'clear insult' to the country's legal institutions.

Not enough evidence to charge minister with quarantine breach, says AG

AG Idrus Harun says no home surveillance or observation order was issued to Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali.

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