Thursday, October 28, 2021


Huawei, SMIC suppliers received billions worth of licences for US goods, documents show

Export licences worth US$61 billion were approved for suppliers to ship products to Huawei while licenses valued at nearly US$42 billion were greenlighted for Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.

Canada foreign minister says eyes ‘wide open’ on normalising China ties

He says Canada will compete with China on issues like trade and cooperate on climate change, while challenging it on its treatment of the Uighur, Tibetans and Hong Kong as Ottawa has done in the past.

Huawei executive freed in Canada after deal with US prosecutors

The resolution of the case removes a deep thorn in the relationship between Beijing, Washington and Ottawa, with China accusing the US of a political attack on one of the Asian giant's technology titans.

China jails Canadian for 11 years for spying

China has been accused of detaining two Canadians as bargaining chips to be used in the case of a Huawei executive arrested in Canada.

LG Electronics to close down smartphone business

LG Electronics has long struggled to increase sales, entering the market late and facing tough competition from emerging cheaper Chinese rivals such as Huawei.

China court appearances this week for 2 Canadians charged with spying

US President Joe Biden has promised to work with Canada to ensure the men's safe return.

Alibaba says ‘dismayed’ by Uighur facial-recognition software

Chinese tech giant says it had 'eliminated any ethnic tag' in its products.

Alibaba tawar perisian pengecaman wajah etnik Uighur, kata laporan

Tindakan itu memburukkan lagi kontroversi terhadap layanan etnik minoriti Islam di China.

China’s Alibaba pushed software that identifies Uighurs, report says

The New York Times report says the function was only used in a testing capacity and was never offered beyond that.

Huawei among Chinese companies helping Beijing spy on Uighur Muslims

Researchers uncover new details on how apps and tech companies like Zapya, Huawei and Megvii contribute to China’s surveillance and mass internment programme in Xinjiang.

‘Clear evidence of collusion between Huawei and Chinese state’, says UK govt report

UK mobile network operators will be banned from purchasing new Huawei equipment by the end of this year.

Huawei fighting to survive ‘nonstop US aggression’

Chinese giant may have enough chips to last into 2021.

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