Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Hong Kong

HK bans flights from India, Pakistan, Philippines over mutant Covid-19 passengers

Hong Kong’s current entry requirements are already some of the strictest in the world.

HSBC relocates London bosses to Hong Kong to cash in on Asian growth

HSBC makes 90% of its profit in Asia, with China and Hong Kong the major drivers of growth.

Press freedom in Macau under pressure as Beijing issues unexpected ‘guidelines’

Normally, Beijing lavishes praise on Macau while issuing stark warnings to Hong Kong that it will not tolerate any challenge to its authority.

‘Let’s Tea and end dictatorship!’ – Twitter launches ‘Milk Tea Alliance’ emoji

Young people are clashing with increasingly authoritarian regimes and taking their struggles online around the unifying and popular regional drink.

Hong Kong democracy leaders pronounced guilty over protests

The verdict was the latest blow to the increasingly cowed democracy movement as the Hong Kong and Beijing governments tighten their grip.

UK, Hong Kong clash over special British passport

Hong Kong had told 14 countries not to accept its citizens applying for visas using the British National Overseas passport.

Hong Kong, Macau suspend Pfizer-BioNTech jabs over packaging flaw

Authorities do not believe there was a safety risk, saying they decided to act out of an abundance of caution until their investigation is concluded.

China says legal moves on Hong Kong a ‘combination of punches’ to end chaos

Criticism has been pouring in for China's plans for electoral reform in Hong Kong, which were recently voted in by the republic's rubber-stamp parliament.

Hong Kong electoral ‘reforms’ an attack on its freedoms, says London

Beijing intends to reduce democratic representation in Hong Kong and ensure that only 'patriots' will govern the island.

Hong Kong prepares to reopen travel for selected markets

Despite the start of vaccinations against Covid-19 worldwide, the pandemic situation remains volatile and unpredictable.

Hong Kong leader praises China’s plan to install ‘patriots’

Legislation to vet all election candidates in Hong Kong is currently being discussed by China's rubber-stamp parliament and is expected to be adopted on Thursday.

Hong Kong unleashes security law, charges 47 activists

Bail is unlikely and the charges carry a maximum term of life imprisonment. 

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