Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Don’t appeal High Court ruling on equal citizenship if you’re sincere, govt told

Lawyers for Liberty also says the High Court's decision is already in line with the proposed amendment and has force of law.

Govt to propose amending constitution on citizenship for children born overseas

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said there is currently no provision in the Federal Constitution allowing these children to be granted citizenship.

Bersatu ministers to propose that govt revoke appeal against landmark citizenship ruling

This comes as the decision to appeal against the Sept 9 ruling appears to have little support from Cabinet members.

Dreams put on hold as govt appeals citizenship ruling

Denied automatic citizenship because their Malaysian parent is their mother, children continue to wait.

Home minister tells why MPs were barred from Parliament on Aug 2

Hamzah Zainudin says the move out of concern for the MPs' health.

Why appeal to deny equal citizenship, lawyers group asks govt

Lawyers for Liberty says the government's concerns over national security are 'absurd'.

Govt should accept court ruling on citizenship for children born overseas

Even if the government's appeal is purely academic, it would affect the development of the country's legal system.

Zuraida hopes home ministry, JPN act fast to implement court ruling on citizenship

She says no policy changes will be needed, only the application of existing laws.

Home minister says Sosma can be used against those who cause public fear

Hamzah Zainudin says the police must take appropriate action against those who incite others and cause public anxiety.

Home minister has decided on appeal to register Muda, says federal counsel

M Kogilambigai says the home ministry will inform Muda of the decision, details of which have yet to be received.

Weeding out xenophobia at home ministry the solution to forced labour problem, govt told

Lawyers for Liberty says the home ministry must stop its harsh treatment of migrants and commit to conducting significant changes to current migration laws.

Recalibration plan for undocumented migrants extended

The plan, which was originally scheduled to end on June 30, will now continue until year-end or until the vaccination programme is complete.

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