Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Immigration slammed for xenophobia, hypocrisy over warnings to Rohingya refugees

Amnesty International Malaysia contrasts the message with recent shows of support for the Palestinians, asking how the government can justify such 'hypocrisy'.

Vaccinating can be done without arresting migrants

The better way is for government to simply work together UNHCR, civil societies and grassroot organisations in order to facilitate the vaccination process.

UN reminds Malaysia of ‘serious consequences’ of planned anti-migrant crackdown

The United Nations office in Malaysia says it has discussed with the government the importance of temporary exemptions from detention or deportation for undocumented migrants who come forward for vaccination.

Rights group warns against migrant crackdown

Amnesty International also criticises the home ministry's plan to detain migrants in order to vaccinate them.

Public health group blasts immigration boss, home ministry on planned anti-migrant raids

The Galen Centre for Health and Public Policy says it would be self-defeating to conduct such operations during a pandemic.

70,000-strong enforcement team to monitor latest lockdown

The number of roadblocks will also be increased, to 800 from the current 600.

Putrajaya mobilises multiple agencies to monitor workplace SOPs

The home ministry says it has directed all enforcement officers and agencies under its purview to increase operations for monitoring, issuing warnings and taking action against those who defy SOPs.

Hishammuddin steers clear of ‘conflict’ talk with KDN, says UN seat goal on track

The foreign minister says he cannot comment on rumours.

Guidelines coming on use of ‘Allah’, home minister says

Hamzah Zainudin says the guidelines will be based on existing laws and will be acceptable to those from every group.

Home ministry to check authenticity of leaked phone call clip

Hamzah Zainudin says his ministry will investigate all reports received.

High Court rules Christians can use ‘Allah’ in religious publications

Judge Nor Bee Ariffin says the 1986 directive by the home ministry barring the use of 'Allah' and three other words is filled with illegality and irrationality.

Clear SOP needed for govt’s move on statelessness

The home ministry must be clear on what kind of documentation is needed for the application and ensure that the process is in line with the constitution.

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