Friday, July 1, 2022


WHO says over 900 probable cases of acute hepatitis reported in children

US health officials say infection with adenovirus, a common childhood virus, is the leading hypothesis for the cases.

What to know about mysterious severe hepatitis cases in children

At least 600 children in at least 34 countries have developed cases of sudden severe liver inflammation, with a large number of cases in the US and UK.

WHO studies whether Covid has role in child hepatitis mystery

Cases have been reported in 20 countries, with 70 additional cases from a further 13 countries which are pending classification as tests await completion.

Indonesia detects 15 cases of severe hepatitis after 3 child deaths

Authorities have not determined a definitive cause.

US probes five child deaths, 109 cases linked to mystery liver disease

It is part of an unexplained global phenomenon involving hundreds of cases, with Indonesia this week also reporting three deaths.

Virus might be behind mystery child hepatitis cases, US agency says

Adenovirus 41 is known to cause gastroenteritis in children, but 'it is not usually known as a cause of hepatitis in otherwise healthy children', the CDC says.

Almost 200 cases of unexplained acute hepatitis reported in children, European health agency says

The outbreak was first reported this month in Britain – which has registered 111 cases, mostly in children under 10 – and has since been identified in at least 12 countries worldwide.

WHO says at least one child dead after mystery increase of hepatitis cases

At least 169 cases have been reported in children in 12 countries, with 114 in the UK alone.

US warns doctors to look for hepatitis in children as probe widens

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is working with counterparts in Europe to understand the cause of the infections.

Children in more countries suffer mystery hepatitis

Cases have now been recorded in children in the US, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain.

WHO monitoring hepatitis of unknown origin in UK children

Some of the cases were so severe that patients had to be transferred to specialist children's liver units, while six children had liver transplants.

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