Thursday, June 30, 2022


Crunch time for power supply as Japan’s June heatwave sizzles into hottest day

The Japan Meteorological Agency forecast Tokyo temperatures won't drop back to 30 C until July 5.

Tokyo June heatwave worst since 1875 as power supply creaks under strain

The heatwave comes less than two weeks before a national election in which prices, including the cost of electricity, are among key issues picked by voters in opinion polls.

Europe swelters in record-breaking June heatwave

The soaring temperatures are in line with scientists' predictions that such phenomena will now strike earlier in the year thanks to global warming.

China hit by rare union of record rainfall, heatwaves and a tornado

Authorities have issued warnings of 'extreme weather events' as early as April, ahead of the rainy season that signals seasonal transition from spring to summer in June.

Deadly heatwaves threaten economies too

Heatwaves rack up economic costs as well, but they are harder to quantify than damage from a storm or flood, and more difficult to insure.

Spain roasts in early heatwave as temperatures top 40 degrees

The heatwave began at the weekend and is expected to persist until at least Saturday, with temperatures between 7C and 12C higher than the average for this time of the year.

Climate change made South Asia heatwave ’30 times more likely’

More than 90 deaths have been directly attributed to the heatwave, but earlier hot spells over the last decade suggest that number will climb far higher, perhaps into the thousands.

Fires ravage southern Europe, forcing residents and tourists to evacuate

Fires are common in southern Turkey during the hot summer but experts have said this year's are much bigger than usual.

It’s so hot in UAE, sweltering sheikhs are shocking the clouds

Rulers decided it's either cloudseeding or building a life-size mountain to create rainfall.

Western Canada declares fire emergency as evacuations climb

British Columbia has nearly 300 active wildfires, spurred by hot, dry weather that is expected to continue in the coming days.

Record heat roasts the Arctic and many usually moderate places

Crushing heatwaves and 'snowpocalypses' in unexpected places are breaking weather records around the world.

Military on standby to evacuate fire-threatened towns in western Canada

Roughly 1,000 people have already fled the wildfires in British Columbia, and authorities are searching for many who have gone missing.

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