Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Singapore experts call for compulsory vaccination as Covid cases spike

Singapore has not made vaccinations compulsory because the Pfizer and Moderna shots only have emergency approval in the country although it has limited activities for the unvaccinated.

Budget 2022 considerations for public healthcare

Tools that go beyond vaccination and specialised treatment for those at higher risk of getting severely ill are some of the considerations.

India ‘prepares for the worst’ ahead of possible Covid third wave

Beds have been added at facilities around the country, and hospitals are working to ensure ample supplies of oxygen.

South Korean health workers drop strike plans after agreement

The Korean Health and Medical Worker's Union had argued that its workers are often working double or triple shifts and need better pay and working hours.

Aussie doctors warn health system may ‘capsize’ when Covid curbs ease

The Australian Medical Association says the health system is in danger of being locked into a 'permanent cycle of crisis'.

Philippines health workers protest neglect as Covid-19 strains hospitals

Medical staff have been overwhelmed during the pandemic and 103 have died from Covid-19, among some 33,400 coronavirus fatalities in the Philippines.

Healthcare lessons from the Covid-19 crisis

Experts provide some suggestions on how authorities can better manage virus outbreaks and what ordinary people themselves can do to ease the strain on the healthcare system.

US health groups call for vaccine mandates for medical workers

The idea of vaccine mandates has sparked controversy in a nation that cherishes individual liberty, but these concerns need to be weighed against collective well-being, says one expert.

Putrajaya announces measures to ease Covid pressure on hospitals

These include increasing the number of beds for hospitals in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, where the bulk of new cases has been reported of late.

112 private hospitals nationwide treating Covid-19 patients

Health Minister Dr Adham Baba says these hospitals have provided 1,277 ward beds and 129 ICU beds for the handling of Covid-19 cases.

Demands of contract medical workers to be brought to Cabinet, says health minister

Dr Adham Baba says a working paper on the matter has been completed.

Ampang Hospital converted to full Covid-19 facility

This follows the continued surge in new cases.

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