Thursday, October 21, 2021


China says will clamp down on abortions for ‘non-medical purposes’

Think tanks and policy researchers have identified China's declining birth rate as a major social policy challenges in the coming decades.

Dengue suspected of killing dozens as Indian state suffers worst outbreak in years

Authorities have formed teams to check households for water logging, and fumigate areas at risk, and have also released thousands of Gambusia, or mosquitofish, into water bodies to eat the mosquito larvae.

More needed to tackle vaping culture among youth

A higher tax on vape liquid could go far in discouraging young people from venturing into the habit.

Indonesia records its lowest rate of positive Covid tests

Indonesia's positivity rate has dropped to 4.57% from 33.4% in July, an indicator the country's second wave could be easing.

US denies authorisation to many vaping products

The products denied authorisation may not be delivered to the market, or have to be removed if they have already reached shelves.

Man stuffs live eel up his backside ‘to cure constipation’, almost dies

Doctors do not recommend using this particular folk remedy to relieve anything at all.

Alcohol-related deaths in England soar 20% in pandemic

With hospitality venues closed in the lockdowns, people have been binge drinking at home.

Aussie scientists invent painless blood sugar testing for diabetics

The research team is already working with Harvard University on a test for Covid-19 using the same technology.

Researchers trial magnetic ‘lockjaw’ against obesity

They hail it as a new tool against obesity despite critics who compare it to an instrument of medieval torture.

Investors sniff spicy prospects as ‘halo’ crops harvest pandemic profits

Millions of consumers are turning to foods recommended on social media as effective against Covid-19.

Time to look into a fact-driven smoking policy

Some 27,000 people in Malaysia are killed by health problems associated with tobacco products each year, according to statistics from the health ministry.

Young people, women and singles at most risk of mental health problems during pandemic, study shows

The study also cites a drop in income and absolute household income levels as significant predictors of negative mental health.

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