Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Covid patients with sedentary habits more likely to die, study shows

The observational study found that compared to patients in the habit of doing occasional physical activity, couch potatoes were 20% more likely to be admitted to hospital, 10% more likely to require intensive care, and 32% more likely to die.

Experts warn against slimming pill shortcut in journey to dream weight 

They say efforts to lose weight should revolve around a healthy diet and exercise.

Doctors launch foray on TikTok in mission against fake news

Juggling their clinic duties with the additional role of being content creators is hard, but they are determined to do what they can to battle misinformation online.

French pharma firm convicted of manslaughter over weight loss pill deaths

About 500 people are thought to have died as a result of the drug, though experts say it may eventually cause as many as 2,100 deaths.

Staying home to take care of mum

Nur Fatihah Sahminan is young but she knows that her mother needs her.

When care, not neglect, lands the elderly in old folks’ homes

A good number are there because their families realise their need for professional care.

Beyond marketing gimmicks in buying health supplements

Expert shares how consumers can avoid being duped by promises of a good deal.

Biggest sandstorm in decade turns Beijing skies yellow

The city government ordered all schools to cancel outside sport and events and advised those with respiratory diseases to stay inside, while some highways were partially closed.

Alternative or modern medicine? Which will reliably relieve chronic pain?

Many sufferers start with modern doctors then look further into the past as their pain persists.

No pain, no gain? The dangers behind picture-perfect posts

Experts warn against going to extremes to look good on social media, to the point of endangering mental and physical health.

Weaning people off tasty junk food onto bland healthy diets is no piece of cake

Banning unhealthy but popular foods is not going to work, say experts, so how best to turn people on to healthier food?

India developer says homegrown Covid-19 vaccine is 81% effective

Questions had been raised about the effectiveness of Bharat Biotech's Covaxin after officials authorised it for emergency use in January even though its Phase 3 trials were not complete.

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