Sunday, July 25, 2021


Alcohol-related deaths in England soar 20% in pandemic

With hospitality venues closed in the lockdowns, people have been binge drinking at home.

Aussie scientists invent painless blood sugar testing for diabetics

The research team is already working with Harvard University on a test for Covid-19 using the same technology.

Researchers trial magnetic ‘lockjaw’ against obesity

They hail it as a new tool against obesity despite critics who compare it to an instrument of medieval torture.

Investors sniff spicy prospects as ‘halo’ crops harvest pandemic profits

Millions of consumers are turning to foods recommended on social media as effective against Covid-19.

Time to look into a fact-driven smoking policy

Some 27,000 people in Malaysia are killed by health problems associated with tobacco products each year, according to statistics from the health ministry.

Young people, women and singles at most risk of mental health problems during pandemic, study shows

The study also cites a drop in income and absolute household income levels as significant predictors of negative mental health.

Toe the line or lose it all, health experts warn on park ‘loophole’ in SOPs

While many are taking advantage of the freedom for individual exercise to meet up with others, health experts say this could lead to a complete ban on outdoor activities.

Juggling work and studies invites psychological risks, experts warn

While some may do so out of necessity, the stress of working and studying at the same time could take a toll on physical and mental well-being.

A new norm for a healthier planet

The Covid-19 crisis demonstrates that systemic changes must be made to address the environmental drivers of pandemics.

Covid patients with sedentary habits more likely to die, study shows

The observational study found that compared to patients in the habit of doing occasional physical activity, couch potatoes were 20% more likely to be admitted to hospital, 10% more likely to require intensive care, and 32% more likely to die.

Experts warn against slimming pill shortcut in journey to dream weight 

They say efforts to lose weight should revolve around a healthy diet and exercise.

Doctors launch foray on TikTok in mission against fake news

Juggling their clinic duties with the additional role of being content creators is hard, but they are determined to do what they can to battle misinformation online.

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