Saturday, January 29, 2022


Ukrainian police say cyber attack destroyed ‘information resources’

Ukrainian officials say the attack hit around 70 internet sites of government bodies including the security and defence council, the cabinet of ministers and several ministries.

North Korean hackers stole US$400 million in cryptocurrency in 2021, says report

A UN panel of experts that monitors sanctions on North Korea has accused Pyongyang of using stolen funds to support its nuclear and ballistic missile programs to circumvent sanctions.

Philippines election body probes hacking report, says no breach

The National Privacy Commission says it will start its own investigation and call for an explanation from Commission on Elections and the newspaper.

Facebook exposes mercenary spy firms that targeted 50,000 people

Meta did not provide a detailed explanation of how it identified the firms, but it operates some of the biggest social and communications networks and touts its ability to remove malicious actors from its platforms.

US says Iran govt behind ransomware attacks

The US Department of Homeland Security estimates that ransomware attackers extorted at least US$350 million from victims last year.

Hackers targeted Afghan officials on Facebook amid Taliban offensive

The Pakistan-based group, known as SideCopy, used 'romantic lures' from what appeared to be young women on the platform to try to trick the targets into giving the hackers access to their pages.

US moves to control sales of hacking tools abroad

US companies and any company that sells US-made cyber software will need a licence when selling hacking tools to certain foreign governments or any buyers, including middlemen, located in Russia or China.

State-sponsored hackers in China targeting email services, Microsoft says

Microsoft says the group is based in China but operates through leased virtual private servers in the US, and that it has briefed the US government.

Hackers targeting Covid-19 vaccine supply chain, IBM warns

IBM says the precision of the operation signals 'the potential hallmarks of nation-state tradecraft'.

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