Thursday, October 21, 2021


Hackers steal US$97 million from Japanese crypto exchange

This is the second such major heist by hackers in recent days.

Supplies disrupted after world’s largest meat company hit by ransom cyber-attack

Supermarkets and other large end-users like the McDonald's burger network will be immediately impacted.

Irish health system targeted twice by ransomware hackers

An international cybercrime gang was behind both attacks, Ireland's minister responsible for e-government says.

Facebook says hackers ‘scraped’ data of 533 million users in 2019 leak

The data included phone numbers, birth dates, and email addresses according to media reports, although Facebook says it did not include passwords or financial details.

Hackers embarrass corporate bigshots into paying to get their hijacked porn collections back

A new trend towards ransoming sensitive private information could affect companies by damaging their reputation.

Chinese cyber-espionage unit on US hacking spree, says report

The campaign is said to have exploited recently discovered flaws in Microsoft Exchange software, stealing emails and infecting computer servers with tools that let attackers take control remotely.

After Singtel, now SIA suffers major data leak

Some 580,000 Singapore Airlines customers have had data compromised by a leak from an external air transport IT company.

Singapore’s largest telco apologises after customers’ personal data stolen

The stolen data includes names, addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers and dates of birth.

Cyberattack hit key US Treasury systems, says senator

So far officials have said the hackers broke into computers at the State Department, Commerce Department, Treasury, Homeland Security Department, and the National Institutes of Health.

Hackers breach US agencies, Homeland Security a reported target

This adds to a growing list of targets in the attack, including the Treasury and Commerce departments.

US government hit by cyberattack

Media reports say at least two departments including the Treasury have been targeted by Russian state hackers.

US charges Malaysian, Chinese hackers over cyber fraud attacks

Attorney-General Idrus Harun has agreed to extradite the two Malaysians who were arrested on Sept 14.

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