Wednesday, May 18, 2022


5 suspects in immigration hacking case to face 113 charges in court

The suspects were arrested in a joint operation with the immigration department which began in April last year.

UK foreign ministry suffered serious cyber attack earlier this year, documents show

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the attack – or the effects of it.

Red Cross falls victim to massive cyberattack

It says the hackers targeted an external company in Switzerland that the ICRC contracts to store data.

Google disrupts cybercrime web infecting 1 million devices

Unlike conventional botnets that rely on predetermined channels to ensure their survival, Glupteba is programmed to find a replacement server in order to keep operating even after being attacked, says Google.

US State Department phones hacked with Israeli company spyware, say sources

The hacks, which took place in the last several months, are said to have hit US officials either based in Uganda or focused on matters concerning the East African country.

Streaming site Twitch confirms hack

It does not appear that personal Twitch user data was in the dump, but the extent of the hack is still being investigated.

LHDN denies data leak involving 4 million Malaysians

The tax agency says all data in its care is protected by recognised security technology.

JPN data of 4 million Malaysians up for sale?

The information includes details such as addresses, phone numbers and MyKad numbers.

Hack exposed personal data of entire Swiss town, report says

Data included names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers and residency permit information for non-Swiss nationals, among others.

Hacker dubbed ‘Mr White Hat’ to return entire stolen crypto fortune

A person claiming to be the hacker says the heist was pulled 'for fun' to expose a flaw that could have cost Poly Network dearly and undermined faith in cryptocurrencies.

Hackers return portion of record crypto heist haul

The heist has sparked debate about whether it would be fair to let the hackers keep some of the loot as reward for uncovering a weakness that could have been even more costly.

Record cryptocurrency heist valued at US$600 million

The hacked firm has threatened police involvement, but also offered the hackers the chance to 'work out a solution'.

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