Friday, July 1, 2022


Greece to make vaccinations compulsory for those over 60

Authorities say they will impose a US$114 fine on every individual over the age of 60 who is not vaccinated from Jan 16 onwards.

Greece’s Mount Athos elders trust God and science to protect them from Covid-19

After seeing others fall ill or catching the virus themselves, at least 30 monks have stepped up to be vaccinated this month.

Greek police fire tear gas as 7,000 protest vaccine rules

Protesters say they are not against vaccines, but against 'fascism'.

Greece sees first fully vaccinated Covid death

The man was a 70-year-old dentist with no underlying health symptoms.

Fires ravage southern Europe, forcing residents and tourists to evacuate

Fires are common in southern Turkey during the hot summer but experts have said this year's are much bigger than usual.

Protests against Greece’s mandatory jabs for health workers

Faced with the spread of the Delta variant, the government wants to get as many people as possible vaccinated.

Greece races to boost military after Turkey threats over Med oil

Both Turkey and Greece are flexing their military muscles by deploying their naval and air forces as visible deterrents to any adventurism by the other.

Fires destroy Greek island refugee camp after quarantine imposed

Authorities placed the Moria camp under quarantine last week after a Somali migrant tested positive for the coronavirus.

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