Monday, November 29, 2021


Armed forces detain PM and other leaders in Sudan ‘coup’

The internet was cut across the country as dozens of demonstrators gathered on the streets of the capital Khartoum to protest the arrests, setting fire to tyres.

Japan dissolves parliament, setting stage for general election

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida enjoys public support 11 days into the job, boding well for his goal of maintaining a lower house majority for his Liberal Democratic Party and its Komeito party coalition partner.

Dr M on money and corruption

The former prime minister warns of a bleak future if the people do not reject corruption and corrupt leaders.

17 performance audits, 62 recommendations for 13 ministries

Overall, the audit found that the implementation of government activities, projects and programmes had been done according to the set objectives although issues of inefficiency and non-compliance remained as well.

Govt-opposition deal will neutralise court cluster, say analysts

Political observers say it will be difficult for 'kleptocrats' to sabotage the government if its cooperation with Pakatan Harapan goes as planned.

MA63 among 6 aspects of MoU between govt, opposition

Others include the empowerment of the Covid-19 plan and administrative transformation.

PM and PH leaders to sign historic memorandum on political stability

Both sides have pledged to focus on a 'new political landscape' as the country continues its Covid-19 battle.

Taliban announce hardline govt as protests grow

The Taliban had promised an inclusive government, but all the top positions were handed to key leaders from the movement and the Haqqani network.

Canada’s Trudeau survives vote of no confidence

The conservative opposition voted together against Trudeau, who was able to hang on thanks to the support of three other smaller blocs in the lower chamber.

No Malays? Ex-AG Thomas shares his idea of ‘best and brightest’ Cabinet

He also criticises the pace of Malaysia's vaccine rollout, saying the country lags far behind Israel, the US and the UK.

If Muhyiddin is Malaysia’s first wartime prime minister…

He might do well to emulate other prime ministers who were in power during times of turmoil.

Govt regaining public confidence in handling of Covid-19 crisis, survey shows

The survey, carried out four times from January to April, also shows an increase in confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine.

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