Friday, October 22, 2021

Goldman Sachs

Najib’s bid for documents relating to 1MDB case to be heard on May 31

Najib is on trial for four charges of using his position to obtain bribes totalling RM2.3 billion from 1MDB funds and 21 charges of money laundering involving the same amount.

No proof that funds in ex-Goldman banker’s account were from 1MDB, court told

Roger Ng's lawyer says the burden is on the prosecution to prove this.

1MDB still has RM32.3 billion outstanding debt

Total payment would amount to RM40.51 billion, state investment arm says.

Ex-Goldman Sachs officer Ng to return to face 1MDB charges in Malaysia

He is expected to return to the country from the US after June 1.

Key attorney in 1MDB settlement to depart Goldman Sachs, report says

Karen Seymour had played a central role in negotiating a US$2.9 billion criminal settlement with the DoJ that saw Goldman announce it 'accepted responsibility' over the scandal involving 1MDB.

Mahkamah tolak permohonan Najib tangguh bicara 1MDB

Permohonan itu dibuat bagi membolehkan Najib menunggu satu keputusan berkaitan tindakan undang-undang di Mahkamah Amerika Syarikat.

Gaji CEO Goldman Sachs dipotong AS$10 juta disebabkan skandal 1MDB

Walaupun David Solomon tidak menyedari penglibatan syarikat itu dalam mana-mana aktiviti haram pada ketika itu, masalah 1MDB dilihat sebagai kegagalan institusi itu, kata lembaga pengarah.

US$10 million pay cut for Goldman Sachs CEO over 1MDB scandal

While David Solomon was unaware of the firm's participation in any illicit activity at the time, the 1MDB matter is seen as an insitutional failure, says board.

Ex-Goldman president giving to charity to resolve bank impasse over 1MDB

A Bloomberg report says Gary Cohn is giving to charities that work in pandemic relief and social justice.

Was Goldman Sachs let off with a slap on the wrist for 1MDB crimes?

There are questions as to whether the US authorities' action against Goldman amounts to a meaningful punishment given the scale of wrongdoing.

Goldman Sachs agrees to largest penalty ever in 1MDB scandal

The company says it will also demand repayment of US$174 million in salary and bonuses paid to current and former executives.

HK regulator fines Goldman Sachs US$350 million over 1MDB

Goldman has accepted the findings, leading to an early resolution of the disciplinary action.

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