Thursday, May 19, 2022


Zafrul schools Anwar on loans for ‘gambling’ firm after Genting-linked cruise company winds up

Tengku Zafrul Aziz says as a former finance minister himself, Anwar should be aware of the role of shareholders.

Mengapa Anwar tak sekat pinjaman bank Genting masa jadi menteri kewangan?

Penerangan menteri kewangan mengenai isu dibangkitkan Anwar Ibrahim berkenaan Genting Hong Kong.

Cruise operator Genting HK files to wind up company

Most operations of Genting Hong Kong will likely cease, although some will continue in an effort to preserve core assets.

Genting shipbuilders in Germany file for bankruptcy

The cruise ship industry has been shaken by a spate of recent coronavirus outbreaks on liners despite increased health measures, giving new headaches to the pandemic-hit sector.

Covid case cuts short Singapore ‘cruise to nowhere’

Reports say the passenger was fully vaccinated and had tested negative before boarding.

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