Thursday, October 21, 2021

general election

The cost and benefits of holding pandemic polls

The logistics of safely holding an election for more than 15 million voters will pose a challenge but economist Madeline Berma says the long-term benefits will outweigh the cost.

People, not the corrupt elite, should decide

Malaysians should not allow a small coterie with vested interests to shape their future.

Anwar faces biggest test in latest comeback as PM candidate

The national context is no longer the same as it was during GE14, while Anwar himself faces a different set of hurdles in his prime ministerial ambitions.

PN could win big in 3-cornered fights with BN, PH, UKM study finds

The study also found that 42% of voters want PN to remain in government while 13% want a BN administration and 11% want PH.

Elections Act should be amended for Undi 18 to be carried out, says Dewan Negara president

Rais Yatim says even though the constitution has been amended, there is no infrastructure through election laws.

Will ‘kingmaker’ GPS decide to gobble up the seats it lost to ex-PKR MPs?

How the elections are fought by GPS and PN in Sarawak will be crucial in determining their future ties.

‘Paltry’ donation from Anwar ruffles feathers in KL seat held by PKR incumbent?

Criticism has arisen over the value of the donation as well as talk of support for actor Afdlin Shauki as the candidate for Wangsa Maju.

Lawyer says anti-hopping law crucial before next GE

This would not only restore trust in elections, but also allow the victors to focus on governing without being sidetracked by threats of defections.

Covid-19 vaccine not a green light for GE15, says health expert

Dr Zainal Ariffin Omar says it will take a while for vaccines to kick in, and that most people will remain vulnerable to infection for some time yet.

This is no time for elections, seasoned polls critics condemn Zahid’s call

They say calls for an election while the pandemic continues are irresponsible and reckless, and no guarantee of a solution to the political instability.

‘Anti-PN’ Tajuddin not in tripartite talks, say PAS, Bersatu leaders

They dismiss the Pasir Salak MP's criticism of PAS for aligning with Bersatu in the PN coalition.

Malay-based parties may use own logos as pandemic polls loom

Umno and Bersatu are still working out a solution to their claims on seats in the Malay heartlands.

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