Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Rural voters not bothered about corrupt leaders, says Najib’s ex-aide

Oh Ei Sun says any comeback by his former boss would depend on a good PR campaign.

Najib still eyeing re-election despite conviction

He is still an MP but the constitution bars him from contesting elections unless he gets a pardon or a reprieve from the Agong.

The cost and benefits of holding pandemic polls

The logistics of safely holding an election for more than 15 million voters will pose a challenge but economist Madeline Berma says the long-term benefits will outweigh the cost.

People, not the corrupt elite, should decide

Malaysians should not allow a small coterie with vested interests to shape their future.

Zahid should resign, says Umno Supreme Council man

Zahidi Zainul Abidin says it will otherwise be difficult for the party to gain public support in the next general election.

Shahidan urges Umno top leadership to break silence, take action against Zahid

The Perlis Umno strongman says the president went against the party by making Umno MPs sign statutory declarations in the presence of Anwar, Najib and an unnamed VIP.

Don’t push for GE15 during pandemic, says Umno’s Tajuddin

He says the Umno election machinery should be mobilised to help the government flatten the Covid-19 curve.

DAP must accept working with Umno, says Anwar loyalist

Abdullah Sani says cooperation with the Malay party would be in the interest of the people.

Teach the youth, it’s about more than individual leaders, Undi18 says on political apathy

Otherwise, it could be hard to convince the younger generation to become involved in politics even after the legal voting age is lowered.

No space for democratic vanities when fighting an invisible killer

There's no shame in admitting the ultimate reason behind the virus emergency.

Umno won’t push for snap polls if Covid situation is not good, says Tajuddin

The Pasir Salak MP says Umno will not push for an election in August if case numbers remain high.

Most youths don’t care about politics, politicians, survey finds

A majority believe politicians don't care about 'people like them' while still more say politics is 'complicated'.

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