Thursday, October 21, 2021


France sending envoy back to Australia to ‘redefine relationship’

France has accused its allies of stabbing it in the back when Australia opted for nuclear-powered submarines to be built with US and British technology instead of a multi-billion dollar French submarine programme.

Ex-Australia PM says successor ‘deceitful’ on nuclear subs

Malcolm Turnbull says despite the new US-Britain-Australia defence partnership, there was no contract signed for Australia to buy nuclear-powered submarines, expected to be either Britain's Astute or the larger US Virginia class.

France’s Sanofi halts work on anti-Covid vaccine

Sanofi says its mRNA candidate would arrive too late to market with 12 billion anti-Covid doses already due to be produced by the end of the year.

Australia disputes French version of submarine letter

It says the letter did not refer to or authorise commencement of the next phase of the programme.

Australian documents show French submarine project was at risk for years

Major concerns about delays, cost overruns and suitability had been aired officially and publicly for years, Australian politicians say.

Nuclear subs deal a risk to Nato, says former UK ambassador

EU foreign ministers are due to discuss the new defence pact signed between the US, Australia and Britain, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

France recalls ambassadors to Australia, US in escalating row

The French ambassador recalls from the US and Australia – key allies of France – are unprecedented.

US reassures livid France after Australia scraps submarine deal

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says Australia's decision is 'a stab in the back'.

160,000 protest in France against Covid rules

One man who joined the protest compared the increased pressure to vaccinate to rape.

Black market for fake Covid passes flourishes in France

French health passes contain a QR code that is scanned by security guards at entrances to check against the national database, so counterfeiters prefer using doctors to fraudulently create real passes that function.

France sees fifth weekend of protests against Macron Covid pass

Protesters say that the policy encroaches on the basic freedoms so prized by the French.

France to offer Covid booster shots to elderly, vulnerable

The booster shots will be available from September.

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