Thursday, October 21, 2021

foreign workers

Now not the time to raise fines for errant employers, says human resources minister

M Saravanan says manpower is needed in order to increase productivity to revive the economy.

CITF mulls designated jab centres for foreign workers

It says this would allow the stationing of translators or volunteers to tackle the problem of overcrowding.

72 foreigners arrested in early morning crackdown at Selangor wholesale market

Those arrested include 39 UNHCR cardholders.

Govt to review policy on foreigners in the country, says home minister

Hamzah Zainudin also pans UNHCR over its cardholders, saying there is no enforcement.

Selangor migrant workers win Goodyear legal battle

Sixty-five migrants had lodged a case at the industrial tribunal, accusing Goodyear of not complying with a collective labour agreement by failing to give them shift allowances, bonuses and pay rises.

‘Constantly worried’: migrant worker slogs through pandemic to feed his family back home

Life in Sarawak is hard for Sonata but he knows it might be worse if he returns to his village in Jakarta.

Putrajaya to allow rehiring of migrant workers in 4 sectors

Employers will be allowed to rehire foreign workers in the restaurant sector, cargo, wholesale and retail, and cleaning and laundering.

Reluctant migrants could hamstring efforts to reach herd immunity

Many are distrustful of the government following last year's raids and have their own concerns about the safety of the Covid-19 jabs.

Industrial workers in Penang, Selangor, to be prioritised for Covid jabs, says Azmin

He says this includes foreign workers, who play an important role in restoring the country's economy.

Govt to consider rehiring foreign workers for certain sectors

Human Resources Minister M Saravanan says locals are not keen on working in the plantation, agriculture, manufacturing and construction sectors.

Foreigners struggle to get vaccinated in Kuwait, as reluctant citizens hesitate

Many Kuwaiti citizens do not want the jab because of vaccine conspiracy theories shared widely on social media.

Glove giant Top Glove charged over workers’ housing after virus outbreak

Top Glove has been hit with 10 counts of failing to provide certified accommodation for its workers in Ipoh.

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