Sunday, January 23, 2022

forced labour

Labour abuse claims a risk to export growth model?

If Malaysia does not change, businesses could move to other countries, an analyst warns.

Fifth Malaysian glove maker banned in US over forced labour claims

Brightway Group says audit reports from 2019 and 2020 show no practice of 'forced labour or modern slavery'.

Dyson dumps Malaysian supplier ATA over labour concerns

ATA, which is already being investigated by the US over forced labour allegations, had previously denied such allegations.

Another rubber glove maker hit by US ban over forced labour claims

The ban on imports from Supermax was announced after a probe found indications of forced labour in the firm's manufacturing operations.

US lifts ban on Top Glove

The US Customs and Border Protection says it is no longer necessary to maintain its earlier finding which had seen Top Glove products banned over allegations of forced labour.

Weeding out xenophobia at home ministry the solution to forced labour problem, govt told

Lawyers for Liberty says the home ministry must stop its harsh treatment of migrants and commit to conducting significant changes to current migration laws.

Malaysia willing to cooperate with US to tackle forced labour issue, says minister

M Saravanan says the issue has been given priority by the government.

Apple, Amazon, Nike, slammed for ‘enabling forced labour’ in China

US lawmakers are seeking to pass legislation that would ban imports of goods made in Xinjiang.

Top Glove extends hand to its critics to improve workers’ welfare

It says it is committed to the welfare, health and safety of its workforce.

US to seize gloves made by Top Glove over forced labour

The US Customs and Border Protection says it has 'sufficient information' to conclude that Top Glove uses forced labour, and will seize any gloves manufactured by the firm at US ports of entry.

More global fashion brands suffering in China after consumer boycott

Chinese consumers are now boycotting H&M, Nike, Burberry, Adidas, Converse, and other companies who have voiced concern over forced labour in Xinjiang.

Malaysian glove makers come under fire again in new BBC report

Some workers have not seen Malaysia beyond the factory premises, the report says in a series of allegations denied by Top Glove and Supermax.

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