Thursday, January 20, 2022


China expands lockdowns as Covid cases climb

The surge has prompted authorities to impose what they have called the 'strictest' curbs in the northern city of Xi'an, whose 13 million residents are entering a sixth day of home confinement.

It’s halal, say religious leaders after debate over food donated by non-Muslims to flood victims

Former minister says there's nothing wrong with Muslims eating food prepared by non-Muslims, while a state mufti says it is allowed when there's no other option.

When the chips are down: McDonald’s rations fries in Japan

McDonald's Japan says it will only sell small-sized French fries for a week to avoid shortages.

Half of Brits cannot cook traditional Christmas dinner, survey shows

Around 47% of respondents admit they would be unable to cook a Dec 25 meal featuring roast turkey, cranberry sauce, bread sauce, Christmas pudding, mince pies and other storied elements.

Printing coupons and eating swans as North Korea innovates amid food, economic woes

North Korea has suffered from food insecurity, with observers saying that mismanagement of the economy is exacerbated by international sanctions which prompted unprecedented border lockdowns there.

Smashed cuttlefish and the flavours of Ramadan in Sarawak

While many businesses are suffering due to the Covid-19 pandemic, suntong tutok traders are doing a roaring business.

Grub’s up: EU approves mealworms as greener meat substitute

Mealworms are the first insects to be approved as human food by the European Union.

‘Welcome to the Brexit’: Dutch customs stop sandwich crossings under new trade rules

The new post-Brexit rules say that bringing foods that contain meat or dairy into the EU, even for personal use, is forbidden.

Swiss cheesed off over Covid-19 threat to fondue cheer

By tradition, Swiss cheese fondue is eaten by dipping in bread with long-handled forks, with several friends or relatives joining in and sharing the same pot.

Introducing Tapai, the fermentation of human desire

A foodie is a manifestation of globalisation.

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