Sunday, June 13, 2021



Ramadan on the island

Orang Asli villagers in Pulau Ketam gather to celebrate Ramadan which, like everything else they do, is observed on the ocean waves.

With predatory catfish roaming free, Perak anglers abandon river for padi fields

But even there, they cannot escape the fish which have infiltrated the irrigation systems as well.

Invasion by foreign species a fishy problem for Perak anglers

Concerns abound over the release of foreign invasive species into the country's freshwater bodies and the effect this will have on local ecosystems.

When the sea is locked down

Monsoon season is here again, and for the fishing community in Terengganu, it means a loss of income.

Life on the ocean waves for Sabah’s water villages

Just 10 minutes from Sabah's capital Kota Kinabalu lies Pulau Gaya, where a community of people live in shacks built on stilts, popularly known as water villages.

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