Tuesday, January 25, 2022


US detects all-time high number of guns at airport checkpoints

The US Transportation Security Administration says the prior yearly record was about 4,400 in 2019 and the current rate of gun detections in carry-on luggage at checkpoints per million passengers is twice the prior high.

Bizarre suicide note from Bangladeshi brothers in US who slaughtered their family

The Instagram suicide note began by saying, 'Hey everyone, I killed myself and my family.'

Singapore cops find gun smuggled from Malaysia in drug bust on gang member

For a little under RM4,300, Muhammad Ikram Abdul Aziz was able to obtain the gun and eight bullets from a man in Johor Bahru which he then smuggled into Singapore.

Machetes, guns a la Singapore massacre plot available but not easy

Shocking revelation of lone wolf plan by Singapore teenager not impossible to imitate with online tools.

Jittery Americans clean out ammo stores

Legally mandated background checks for first-time gun buyers have been at record-setting levels for eight straight months.

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