Saturday, December 4, 2021

FGV Holdings

Another palm oil giant accused of mistreating workers

Finland-based rights group Finnwatch says some problems at IOI Corporation were rectified after they were raised.

Langkah kuasai FGV bakal kembalikan Felda ke landasan sebenar

Felda, agensi yang menempa nama kerana memperkasa penduduk desa dengan penerokaan tanah dan pertanian kini berdepan masalah kewangan.

FGV takeover plan could bring Felda back on track

Felda, once a global example of how the government tackled the resettlement of the urban poor to boost their economic status, has been sinking under its many financial problems.

FGV maintains priority on workers’ welfare in bid to diffuse US criticism

It details the use of RM350 million for the provision of workers' housing.

FGV slams US directive against palm oil products

FGV Holdings says it has taken concrete steps to address concerns over forced labour in its production process.

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