Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Federal Court

Zuraida to bring citizenship of illegitimate child to Cabinet

She says no child should be denied citizenship because he or she was born out of wedlock.

Boy born to Filipino mother, Malaysian father loses appeal for citizenship

The court rules in a 4-3 decision that the boy did not meet the requisite criteria under the Federal Constitution to be declared a Malaysian citizen by operation of law.

Musa Aman withdraws appeal over Sabah CM post

Lawyer says the appeal has been overtaken by circumstances as a state election had been held and a new government formed.

Apex court rules political parties cannot sue individuals for defamation

Federal Court sets aside earlier decisions by High Court and Court of Appeal in a defamation suit filed against Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng by MCA.

Court throws out bid by ex-Umno members to dissolve party

Federal Court bench says the relief sought by the former members is academic as the party has completed its elections at all levels.

Apex court upholds death sentence of ex-tow truck driver for murder of AmBank founder

Three-man Federal Court bench also upholds Koong Swee Kwan's 18-year jail sentence for the attempted murder of Hussain Ahmad Najadi's wife.

Apex court declares Selangor shariah law criminalising unnatural sex unconstitutional

A nine-member Federal Court bench grants a declaration sought by a man accused of attempting to commit sexual intercourse against the order of nature.

Anwar files bid to refer questions on emergency proclamation to Federal Court

The questions include whether the advice given to the king to suspend Parliament is subject to ouster clauses and reviewable in court.

Maybank loses bid to challenge LHDN over tax notices

Federal Court also instructs Maybank to settle all outstanding and overdue taxes within 30 days.

Apex court dismisses bid to stop Sabah polls

Former Tamparuli assemblyman Jahid @ Noordin Jahim had sought to stay the election pending the disposal of an appeal over the rightful chief minister.

Federal Court to rehear Anwar’s case on legality of NSC Act

Anwar Ibrahim claimed that a grave injustice had occurred following the court's earlier decision not to answer his constitutional questions.

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