Sunday, January 23, 2022


Ramadan in Xinjiang: officially renovated mosques welcome fewer worshippers

For the moment, Islam lives on, though the Sinicization campaign has palpably reduced the role and visibility of religion in daily life.

Businessman accused of assaulting bodyguards slapped with fresh charges

Chung Chee Yang has also been charged with four counts of beating up his bodyguards.

Employer, assistant claim trial to assaulting bodyguards for fasting

Chung Chee Yang and Choo Hin Voon are accused of committing criminal intimidation against the two victims and intentionally causing harm to them, among others.

Arrests in assault over fasting case uncover illegal gambling, money lending activities

Selangor police chief says a gun and bullets were seized in a raid while 100kg of gold bars was discovered following the arrests.

4 remanded over assault for fasting

The victims were said to be beaten in turns on their backs with a cane by their employer and another worker.

‘Immunised’ Muslim pilgrims in Mecca as Ramadan begins

Only immunised pilgrims are eligible for permits to perform the pilgrimage and to attend prayers in the Grand Mosque during Ramadan.

Covid-19 vaccines safe to use while fasting, say doctors

Doctors say that having vaccines during daily fasting time does not nullify one’s fast and may even improve immunity.

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