Monday, August 2, 2021


Facebook assembles team to build ‘metaverse’

The 'metaverse' refers to a shared online world in which multiple users can hang out, spend money, consume media and potentially even work.

Trump sues Facebook, Twitter, Google for silencing him

Trump is accusing the media giants of restricting access to conservative viewpoints.

US court rules Facebook can be held liable for sex trafficking on its platform

Three women who say they were forced as teenagers into prostitution by online abusers will now be allowed to go forward with a suit against Facebook.

Facebook worth US$1 trillion for the first time ever

The company's shares soared after a judge threw out accusations of it having a monopoly because it owns WhatsApp and Instagram.

Bangladeshi cleric issues fatwa on Facebook emoji

Thousands of followers reacted to his video, most of them positively, although several hundred made fun of it – using the emoji in question.

Facebook extends its work-at-home policy to all employees who can do so

Companies are beginning to acknowledge that there will be no going back to pre-Covid working practices.

Facebook working on smartwatch

Smartwatch features will reportedly include cameras, and will integrate with Facebook apps such as Instagram.

Hundreds of jailed social media users freed ahead of Syrian presidential election

Most of them had been arrested by security forces for simply 'liking' online Facebook posts pointing out growing hardship.

Bitche slapped by Facebook as French ville’s page mistakenly removed

The town hall had to create a new page, Mairie 57230, named in reference to the town's postcode, after its page was removed.

Facebook says hackers ‘scraped’ data of 533 million users in 2019 leak

The data included phone numbers, birth dates, and email addresses according to media reports, although Facebook says it did not include passwords or financial details.

Facebook plans undersea cables to speed Southeast Asia internet to US

Facebook cancelled projects to connect the US to Hong Kong following government concerns over Chinese spying.

Facebook fails in bid to derail US$15 billion privacy suit

The suit accuses Facebook of wrongly tracking users away from the social network, then making money from the data by selling it to marketers for targeting ads.

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