Sunday, April 18, 2021

face masks

Israel to scrap outdoor mask mandate

Masks will still be required indoors but the number of virus infections has plummeted since Israel began its vaccination campaign.

Too soon to lift SOPs for the fully vaccinated, say health experts

They recommend waiting until the country has achieved herd immunity.

Masks and social distancing ‘could last several years’

UK scientific advisers are saying maintaining basic policies which reduce transmission will be necessary for some time to come.

Fully-vaccinated people can gather without masks, says US health agency

The new guidance does not apply to meetings with people who have underlying conditions that place them at higher risk for severe Covid-19.

Prayer has not defeated Covid-19, Tanzanian president finally confesses

A number of countries have reported that visitors arriving from Tanzania have tested positive for the virus.

US makes face masks a must on all public transport

The order extends to travel on airplanes, trains, buses, taxis, ride-shares, subways, ferries and ships.

Homemade and fabric masks no longer good enough in Europe

European countries to require medical-grade masks or respirators in public but other healthcare bodies disagree.

WHO says fabric face masks still work against virus variants

While some of the new varients may have increased transmissibility, the virus still spreads the same way, WHO says.

Spared the worst of Covid-19, Pakistan’s poor abandon SOPs

While Pakistan managed to avoid the huge numbers of casualties authorities had feared, a social divide is appearing between those who observe SOPs and those who do not.

Plastic fragments from billions of face masks starting to pollute oceans and food chain

Aside from killing marine life, mask-microplastics will start entering the human food chain as the pandemic continues.

Austrian court rules split classes, masks in schools illegal

It says the ministry 'has not made clear why it considered these measures necessary'.

Sweden U-turns on face masks in virus fight

The number of deaths in Sweden reached 7,993 on Friday, with more than 500 people in the past week and nearly 2,000 since the beginning of November.

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