Wednesday, December 1, 2021

face masks

Dutch reintroduce face masks as Covid cases surge

Infections in the Netherlands have been rising for a month after most social distancing measures were scrapped in late September, and reached their highest level since July in the past week.

MPs allowed to remove face masks while debating

This follows a risk assessment conducted by the health ministry.

Shock in Germany after cashier shot dead in mask row

The suspect who is said to have shot the cashier in the head told police he felt 'cornered' by the restrictions which he saw as an 'ever-growing infringement on his rights'.

US state brings back outdoors mask mandate

Oregon will be the first US state to re-introduce a rule that was common during the darkest days of the pandemic.

6 weeks behind bars for British man in Singapore who went maskless on MRT

Benjamin Glynn was convicted of four charges including one of harassment and another of being a public nuisance.

Anti-mask mandate Texas governor tests positive for Covid

Greg Abbott's office says he is in good health and is not experiencing any symptoms.

After maskless stunt at protest, Amanah’s Khalid says he’s positive

Some who were in close proximity to him are now concerned that they may have contracted the virus.

Delta variant reignites US mask debate

Only about half of all Americans have now been fully vaccinated, and children under 12 aren't eligible yet.

US ‘failing’ on Covid, says top health official

National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins says the US would not be where it is with the Delta surge 'if we had been more effective in getting everybody vaccinated'.

US tells vaccinated people in high-risk areas to mask up again

Infection numbers in the US are now swelling, thanks to the Delta variant, which accounts for around 90% of cases.

Questions in US over jabs, face masks and Delta

Factors like community transmission, personal risk levels, and personal risk tolerance should be taken into consideration, experts say.

France launches controversial vaccine pass as fourth wave hits

The so-called 'health pass' is required for all events or places with more than 50 people before being extended to restaurants, cafes and shopping centres in August.

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