Monday, August 2, 2021

face masks

US tells vaccinated people in high-risk areas to mask up again

Infection numbers in the US are now swelling, thanks to the Delta variant, which accounts for around 90% of cases.

Questions in US over jabs, face masks and Delta

Factors like community transmission, personal risk levels, and personal risk tolerance should be taken into consideration, experts say.

France launches controversial vaccine pass as fourth wave hits

The so-called 'health pass' is required for all events or places with more than 50 people before being extended to restaurants, cafes and shopping centres in August.

Sheriff refuses to enforce new Los Angeles indoor mask mandate

It says the move is not backed by science, and that the department will ask for voluntary compliance instead of expending 'limited resources'.

Mandatory indoor mask use returns to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is 'not where we need to be' in terms of numbers of vaccinated people, says a county health officer.

Thai beauty pageant investigated after Covid cluster

Thirteen contestants and nine others associated with the Miss Grand Samut Sakhon pageant have tested positive for the virus.

Face masks no longer required for vaccinated US students

Reasons for continuing to enforce mask usage might include high transmission rates in schools and their localities, or simply 'difficulty monitoring or enforcing mask policies that are not universal'.

Flight in US delayed by teens refusing to wear masks

The incident reflects a general decline in civility on board planes, according to US carriers.

‘Learn to live with’ the virus, PM tells Britons

The government says the latest figures indicate that the number of cases will continue to rise as restrictions are lifted, but also that 'the link to hospitalisations and deaths has been weakened' thanks to vaccinations.

Israel resumes indoor mask requirement amid virus spike

This comes after four days of more than 100 new cases a day.

German health minister floats lifting of mask rules

Germany has seen a sharp drop in coronavirus infections in recent weeks, allowing it to lift many restrictions and reopen public life.

Covid surges in Thai factories risking vital exports

The government has been trying to contain outbreaks with a 'bubble and seal' policy.

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